I Quit. I Leap. Making a Decision for the better – I hope.

Whirling Dervish in Turkey

Whirling Dervish in Turkey

Exactly 2 months from today, I will board an airplane and fly to Istanbul, Turkey. When I land on June 1, 2014 – the beginning of a new chapter will begin in my life. How will it unfold, I am uncertain at this point. From all my travels, I have not found a fully functioning a single crystal ball that can foresee the future!!

All I can do is trust and have faith in the Universe – believe that my path will unfold the way it needs to happen.

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Exciting news!


Baby steps are Perfect steps ~ Diane Chung

Baby steps are Perfect steps ~ Dr. Diane Chung

The next phase is starting to take shape!

Within the last 2 months I have found a tenant to rent my Home Sweet Home – without posting an ad in Toronto. Purely involving word-of-mouth through 3 people. I have potentially found the most accommodating tenants! I mean who agrees to rent a place without knowing the move-in date!!?! Seriously, right!?

I have started purging my personal belongings and selling my furnitures – to down size.

Today I finally bought my airplane ticket to Turkey – after watching the price climb higher and higher the last 2 months. For some unknown reason, I did not think to consider using my Aeroplan frequent flier miles until this morning. Continue reading

Learning to trust my gut, my intuition

A year ago today was one of those pivotal days that signified a new beginning.

View of Ushuaia Argentina Mountains landscape town

View of Ushuaia, Argentina as seen from bow of ship returning from Antarctica with a range of snow-covered mountains serving as backdrop.

January 14, 2013 was the day I landed back on the continent of South America, after an 18 day cruise to the Falklands, South Georgia islands and landing on the 7th continent – Antarctica. With the view of Ushuaia from the bow of the ship, in sight, it was a bitter-sweet moment.

Traveling as a Single Woman and sharing a ship with 183 other passengers and 92 crew members was such a wonderful experience. All the newly formed friendships, the camaraderie that came with sharing such a special journey added to the experience. Continue reading

The mysterious Amazon…

Back in 2008, after my 4 day trek to Machu Picchu, I went to the Peruvian Amazon river basin to recuperate. From Puerto Maldonaldo, we took a boat ride up the Tambopata river to stay in a jungle lodge. During the day, we would go on exploration walks into the forest with a guide. At night, we would take a ride up the river to look for caimans or explore the forest. The rainforest holds a mystery that cannot be found anywhere else.

Take a journey together - Tambopata river, Amazon, Peru

Take a journey together

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My first time… White water rafting!

Photos and Post by Karen Sze

On Valentine’s day of 2009, I gave white water rafting a try! It was the first day they reopened the Tully River in Australia, after a month long closure. Why you ask? Answer: Flooding upstream. There was so much rain, the roads were closed and nothing was coming through Townsville. The grocery store was so bare, I couldn’t believe my eyes.



Sorry – I digress.

Raging Thunder took great care of me that day!
Waterproof camera – check
Safety orientation – check
Safety gear – On!


The sun was shining.. Paddlers – ready.



After we got comfortable with paddling, our fearless leaders met briefly to strategize the best approach to the rapids in this swollen river. All the recent rainfall have submerged a lot of the usual outcrops and have increased the speed of the rapids. At this point I realize I’ve actually signed up for a grade 4/5 rapid instead of a grade 3/4 rapid – time to ride with the waves.


What happened next was completely unexpected! Our raft flipped going through the rapid, everyone fell into the river. I was submerged for about a minute. I did panick at first but quickly reminded myself the safety orientation and surfaced.

Was I scared?! Hell YES!!
Did I swallow some sacred river water? Yes.
Did I live to tell the story? Well, yessss.

The other rafts quickly plucked us out of the river – everyone was safe! We all got back into our raft and continued the journey. When we reached a calm section, we all jumped into the river for a swim / float. It was so relaxing, I’d completely forgotten what happened just minutes ago.


Life Lesson: Go with the flow. The Universe is looking out for you. Have faith. Trust the Universe. Everything will work out. You might not get what you want but you’ll receive what you need at the time.