Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top (Paragliding)

Paragliding is one of my favorite activities while traveling!

Beautiful aerial view of the landscape below mixed with excitement.

One day I will try sky diving!!

View of Sarangkot, Nepal while paragliding

View of Sarangkot, Nepal while paragliding

My First Time… in a Hot air Balloon!

Sunrise above the clouds over Australia

Sunrise above the clouds over Australia

Have you ever wondered what it is like to fly in the sky?!

To be in the clouds?!

To breathe in that fresh air and not just experience it through an airplane window?!

~ I have.

It is probably why I went paragliding in Nepal and parasailing in Thailand.

Maybe I was a pilot in another life. Maybe I was a bird of some sort in my past life.

Who knows the reason… I just love being in the sky! Continue reading

My first time… White water rafting!

Photos and Post by Karen Sze

On Valentine’s day of 2009, I gave white water rafting a try! It was the first day they reopened the Tully River in Australia, after a month long closure. Why you ask? Answer: Flooding upstream. There was so much rain, the roads were closed and nothing was coming through Townsville. The grocery store was so bare, I couldn’t believe my eyes.



Sorry – I digress.

Raging Thunder took great care of me that day!
Waterproof camera – check
Safety orientation – check
Safety gear – On!


The sun was shining.. Paddlers – ready.



After we got comfortable with paddling, our fearless leaders met briefly to strategize the best approach to the rapids in this swollen river. All the recent rainfall have submerged a lot of the usual outcrops and have increased the speed of the rapids. At this point I realize I’ve actually signed up for a grade 4/5 rapid instead of a grade 3/4 rapid – time to ride with the waves.


What happened next was completely unexpected! Our raft flipped going through the rapid, everyone fell into the river. I was submerged for about a minute. I did panick at first but quickly reminded myself the safety orientation and surfaced.

Was I scared?! Hell YES!!
Did I swallow some sacred river water? Yes.
Did I live to tell the story? Well, yessss.

The other rafts quickly plucked us out of the river – everyone was safe! We all got back into our raft and continued the journey. When we reached a calm section, we all jumped into the river for a swim / float. It was so relaxing, I’d completely forgotten what happened just minutes ago.


Life Lesson: Go with the flow. The Universe is looking out for you. Have faith. Trust the Universe. Everything will work out. You might not get what you want but you’ll receive what you need at the time.

My first time… Paragliding!!

Photos and post by Karen Sze

On October 18th, 2008 I signed up for one of the most exciting and relaxing adventure at that point in my life – Paragliding in Pokhara, Nepal. I literally jumped out of bed with excitement!! I’ve always thought back to my time parasailing behind a speedboat in Phuket, Thailand. To me, parasailing was relaxing, yet super fun – feeling weightless and airborne, enjoying a bird’s-eye view of the world!

Some of you might be rolling your eyes and thinking why would I describe paragliding as relaxing?? My answer: To each their own – for me, I love floating in the sky, breathing the fresh crisp air. But seriously, give it a go and find out for yourself!! Now I get to kick it up a notch with paragliding – move over, parasailing! haha Continue reading