Learning to trust my gut, my intuition

A year ago today was one of those pivotal days that signified a new beginning.

View of Ushuaia Argentina Mountains landscape town

View of Ushuaia, Argentina as seen from bow of ship returning from Antarctica with a range of snow-covered mountains serving as backdrop.

January 14, 2013 was the day I landed back on the continent of South America, after an 18 day cruise to the Falklands, South Georgia islands and landing on the 7th continent – Antarctica. With the view of Ushuaia from the bow of the ship, in sight, it was a bitter-sweet moment.

Traveling as a Single Woman and sharing a ship with 183 other passengers and 92 crew members was such a wonderful experience. All the newly formed friendships, the camaraderie that came with sharing such a special journey added to the experience. Continue reading

Mon cheri… Paris

Today I heard from a couple of friends who call Paris home – my mind went right to work and a flood of memories streamed through my mind.

L’homme, I met at a yoga/meditation retreat in Kathmandu back in 2011, right after my trip to Bhutan. For a few days, we shared laughs, stories and yoga time with his partner. We even took a day trip to Patan, shopped for Tibetan singing bowls and meditated a bit in the Durbar Square.

La femme, I met just a few months ago in Banff where we shared a 4-bed hostel room in Banff. She was traveling with her partner across Canada and parts of USA, prior to their return to France after living in Toronto for a period of time. We talked about the variety of cuisine Toronto has to offer and they gave me a ride to Lake Louise and saved me a costly bus ticket. Continue reading

The next phase…

Today is one of those days that people and movies talk about – a day that made me look back at everything that I’ve done the past 38 years of my life, in this lifetime. What I have experienced. No I didn’t have a near death experience – not that dramatic. I didn’t see everything flash by – instead, I chose to journey through a highlight reel.

All because of a delicious lunch with friends. All because of running around town, trying to get some errands done. All because I had a talk with a friend that triggered a slew of thoughts to solidify. I have him to thank – Thank you Jay.

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