Learning to trust my gut, my intuition

A year ago today was one of those pivotal days that signified a new beginning.

View of Ushuaia Argentina Mountains landscape town

View of Ushuaia, Argentina as seen from bow of ship returning from Antarctica with a range of snow-covered mountains serving as backdrop.

January 14, 2013 was the day I landed back on the continent of South America, after an 18 day cruise to the Falklands, South Georgia islands and landing on the 7th continent – Antarctica. With the view of Ushuaia from the bow of the ship, in sight, it was a bitter-sweet moment.

Traveling as a Single Woman and sharing a ship with 183 other passengers and 92 crew members was such a wonderful experience. All the newly formed friendships, the camaraderie that came with sharing such a special journey added to the experience. Continue reading

Brazilian Visa Application Tip (when applying in Toronto, Canada)

Of the 3 South American countries I will be visiting during my 2013 Epic Journey, Brazil requires advance visa application. When I started looking into the application process, a travel agent pointed me to a website but it turns out to be a Third party agency. To give a hand to others who needs to apply for a Brazilian Visitor Visa, I thought I would share my experience here.

The beauty of the Brazilian Visitor Visa – once approved, it is normally valid for multiple entries within 5 years from date of first entry for Canadian passport holders! How awesome is that! I love being a Canadian! WOOT! Thank you Brazil! [Update: If your passport expires before the Brazilian visa, carry both passports with you – the Brazilian visa is still valid and will be recognized!] Continue reading