Travel Tuesday :- Floating Time!

Do you enjoy taking baths, after a long day or a long week?

Have you added a cup of epsom salts into the bath to help release lactic acid after a strenuous workout? What happens when 1000 pound of epsom salt is added to a tank of water?

Effortless buoyancy!

Have you ever heard of Sensory Deprivation Tanks or Float Tanks!?! I found out about them a few years ago from a friend and have been curious about them ever since. However, at that time, the cost of a one-hour session was pretty pricey (in my mind) – approx. $100 CAD. So I waited. While I was roaming the world in 2014, a couple of places opened in Toronto and made it more affordable. One of them being Float Toronto. Late in December, I took the plunge…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move (Toronto Streetcar)

On the way home from a concert Saturday night…

Moving along King Street West, on board a streetcar…

Passengers sound asleep. Motionless yet moving…

Lights out.

Lights out on Toronto streetcar

My First Time… Zip lining and Treetop Trekking!

Landing pad at the end of tunnel

Threshold to new things

Sometimes, it is a lot of fun to try something new.

New coffee shop. New thought pattern. New TV show. New path. New activity.

Until I try something new myself, I will never be able to know how I really feel about it.

One fine summer day, I went with a few co-workers (now ex-co-workers) on an outing. We drove 2 hours north of Toronto and arrived at Barrie Park . They offer many different adrenaline inducing activities for all seasons – that day we all tried treetop trekking and zip lining for the first time! Continue reading

Pillow fight day in Toronto

Today – April 5, 2014 is International Pillow Fight Day. I’ve known about this annual event for a few years now. Though this is my first year where I’m finally able to participate – physically, photographically. I don’t remember how I came across Newmindspace but they are the mastermind behind a whack of crazy fun events in North America. Social media comes in handy to help organize these awesome activities!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life (Vancouver)

Vancouver is the gateway to Western Canada. It offers access to the Pacific ocean and excellent views of the Canadian Rockies. In 2013, it was ranked as the world’s third most-livable city – behind Melbourne and Vienna.

Granville Island of Vancouver

Granville Island of Vancouver

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Lunch date with a chipmunk

On an overcast day in mid August 2013, I took a lunch break at the base of Mt. Edith Cavell while my friends enjoyed a quick hike on the trails. The lake that is fed by the melting Angel Glacier on Mt Edith Cavell looks milky and freezing cold to the touch. Chunks of glacier floats on the lake. Peaceful. I found a quiet spot away from other tourists and travelers to enjoy my private time with nature. One-on-One.

Angel glacier at Mt Edith Cavell, Alberta, Canada

Angel glacier at Mt Edith Cavell, Alberta, Canada

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