My First Time… Zip lining and Treetop Trekking!

Landing pad at the end of tunnel

Threshold to new things

Sometimes, it is a lot of fun to try something new.

New coffee shop. New thought pattern. New TV show. New path. New activity.

Until I try something new myself, I will never be able to know how I really feel about it.

One fine summer day, I went with a few co-workers (now ex-co-workers) on an outing. We drove 2 hours north of Toronto and arrived at Barrie Park . They offer many different adrenaline inducing activities for all seasons – that day we all tried treetop trekking and zip lining for the first time! Continue reading

Ice storms are beautiful…

On the eve of December 21, 2013 – Most of Ontario, including Toronto got a hit of Winter. It just so happens to be the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice.

Personally I love the aftermath of Ice storms – okay maybe not the damages caused (fallen power lines = power outages, broken tree branches, traffic interruptions). However, I find a unique serenity associated with the beauty of frozen water molecules and the thoughts the abstract forms provokes…

These are some photos I captured in my neighbourhood – Trinity Bellwoods.

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