Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring! (Galapagos islands)

I spent a few gorgeous Spring days island hopping within the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador back in 2008. Live was perfect when I am within a pristine natural environment. Everything comes to life in spring!

Blue skies. Bright sunshine. Fresh air. Mating season. New born babies….

Here are a few photos I captured during a Blue-footed booby mating dance. Someone was getting all hot and heavy!! hahaMale blue-footed booby dances for his mate Continue reading

Lunch date with a chipmunk

On an overcast day in mid August 2013, I took a lunch break at the base of Mt. Edith Cavell while my friends enjoyed a quick hike on the trails. The lake that is fed by the melting Angel Glacier on Mt Edith Cavell looks milky and freezing cold to the touch. Chunks of glacier floats on the lake. Peaceful. I found a quiet spot away from other tourists and travelers to enjoy my private time with nature. One-on-One.

Angel glacier at Mt Edith Cavell, Alberta, Canada

Angel glacier at Mt Edith Cavell, Alberta, Canada

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Wildlife – Cassowary

My first interaction with a Cassowary was from a distance – we shared a sideways glance as I sat in the back of a Greyhound bus.

I had been traveling from Cairns to Melbourne with multiple stops in between. I had heard about a giant bird, much like an ostrich or an emu in appearance but the cassowary is much more colorful in comparison. However, it has a nasty temper and known for attacking people.

That day, as I watched the world drift by from the inside of the Greyhound bus, I noticed a bright splash of color in the distance. Just standing in the middle of the road, in the other lane. As my head whipped around to catch the final glimpse, I noticed there’s not one but two cassowaries! The second was smaller, I presume it is the baby and mom was shielding the baby from the traffic. Continue reading

Galapagos Islands – In search of Charles Darwin’s footprints

During my visit to Bolivia in 2007, I spoke to other travelers who had visited other countries in South America – with a tour or on their own. My fascination with Latin America grew and grew – by the time I was returning to North America, I decided that Peru and Ecuador will highlight my spring of 2008.

My life at work was getting more and more stressful and challenging, what with tight deadlines and we were under staffed, as usual. The days of working long hours on the Atlantis resort in Dubai was behind me but other projects in Dubai and Morocco were stretching me thin. I was burning out – again.

With the little down time I had, I did what little research I could about Peru and Galapagos. In the end, I gave up on the logistics and signed up for 2 tours that would take care of everything for me. All I had to do, aside from forking over my savings, was book my international flights and some extra days of hotel stays. Continue reading

Why visit Antarctica?! Reason No.4

The wildlife in Antarctica is abundant and precious. All of them are mesmerizing to me. From plankton to krill to albatross to penguins to seals to whales, they all live in a symbiotic relationship. I could just spend hours and days watching them go about their day.

One of the more entertaining animals in Antarctica are the seals. There are 35 species of seals in the world and only 6 of them live in Antarctica. The seal pups are adorable while full grown seals can be scary to be around. Continue reading