Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move (Toronto Streetcar)

On the way home from a concert Saturday night…

Moving along King Street West, on board a streetcar…

Passengers sound asleep. Motionless yet moving…

Lights out.

Lights out on Toronto streetcar

Golden Triangle of India – Jaipur

The Golden Triangle is a popular route for many tourists when visiting Northern India. The 3 cities which form the triangle are namely Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Delhi is the northern gateway to India with its international airport to welcome travelers from all over the world. Agra is the gateway to the famous Taj Mahal. Jaipur is the capital and largest city of the Indian state of Rajasthan in Northern India. Jaipur is also known as the Pink city.
City Palace in Jaipur, India

City Palace in Jaipur, India

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Day trip to Jogjakarta, Indonesia : Part 2 Lunch break!

Passengers in public transit bus in Jogja, Indonesia

Passengers in public transit bus in Jogja, Indonesia

After my visit to Prambanan, I walked back to the Trans Jogja bus station and people watched. Life in this part of Indonesia is much different than the tourist saturated Bali. I mean there were plenty of tourists at Prambanan, but they were no where to be found at the local bus station which is only a short walk away. Perhaps, not too many foreigners venture to Prambanan on their own – like myself.

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My Travel Style… Varies!

To each their Own” is a favourite saying of mine.

Some days I enjoy researching the destination. Some days I enjoy planning and booking the logistics. Other days I don’t want to do anything and just sign up with a low hassle tour group with an itinerary I love. Many other days, I wander the streets of a new place without a map, blend in with the locals even when I don’t speak their language – it’s easy, just smile and nod (the address of my local home in their language in my pocket!).

For me, Home is where the heart is.
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Give a smile…

After my recent week in NYC visiting friends and the city, I’m left to ponder how Manhattan has a different pulse to other metropolis.

On first look, it’s known to be a fast pace, densely populated, intense place. Comparable to Hong Kong, another densely packed place that I am familiar with. However, on closer inspection, my recent visit to NYC held some surprises.

1. New Yorkers smile at strangers!

Considering this is my 4th or 5th visit to the Big Apple, I didn’t remember seeing so many friendly faces on the streets prior. For a bustling city, I was pleasantly surprised by the many strangers who offered a genuine, warm greeting or smile. I couldn’t help but to flash back and rethink if I have received this warmth since my return to Toronto in August. I don’t know who instigated the smile or the relaxed greeting (it certainly doesn’t matter if the egg or the chicken came first now) but it sure brightens any day – for me.

I mean while traveling earlier this year, I got used to the friendly faces in the small cities and villages that I traveled through. Somehow I find that people are generally a bit more approachable when found in more intimate settings. However, I don’t want to make an overly general statement about that correlation.

2. New Yorkers are helpful!

With a semi complex subway system to all 5 boroughs, there’s a huge risk each time I might have taken the wrong train. I can read the subway map and follow signage just fine. However, when you’re standing at the track and trying to understand what they just said over the PA system about the arriving train. I just simply don’t know if it’ll stop at the station I want.

I’ve resorted to asking the person standing next to me – more than once, per ride.

Once I turned and saw the person had a paper map, while I was looking at the subway map on my app. We just had the most blank faces we can offer each other! LOL

3. It’s not all peaches and cream!

No matter how lost you are physically or emotionally – Do NOT try to stop a New Yorker who’s out right in a rush. Your shoulder or some part of your body may get hurt if you try to stop them mid-stride.

Pick your person correctly – don’t jump at the first person you see. It’s New York, there are well over 8 million people living in this city. I’m sure there’s a more friendly, less-in-a-rush person for you to stop and question.


All in All, my recent visit to New York City was fruitful and eye opening. So much so I’m even considering living there one fine day! Time will tell – Stay tuned 🙂