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Thank you for perusing through my thoughts and memories – I love sharing. This Universe is here for us to explore!

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p.s. My intention is to bring us together, on cyberspace and physically face-to-face. Stay tuned for group travel plans!! Or if you have a group travel suggestion, tell me! 🙂

Love you! Karen.

5 thoughts on “Contact SWT!

  1. Hi Karen,

    No. 9 on your bucket list has been No. 1 on mine for the last 2 years now! Rallying the troops so to speak but haven’t managed a travel companion who can take 30 days off. Boo 😦
    However, I’m determined to do it, even if on my own… perhaps this summer would be too optimistic, aiming for the next. If you get there before me, would love to hear all about it! 🙂


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    • Hi Ardhana

      You’ve chosen a great trip for #1 – I hope we both make it soon enough! I don’t know when it’ll happen for me but I’ll definitely write about it when I cross it off my list.

      Thanks for following my blog and Have yourself an excellent weekend! 🙂



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