Who is SWT!?

Firstly, Thank you for reading my Blog.

I’m Karen, a single woman living in Toronto, Canada who grew up in Winnipeg and born in Hong Kong. Wandering is what I do in life and in my travels. Experience, beauty, and human beings help weave my journey.
It’s the journey that counts!

I started sharing my travel photos and my favorite inspirational quotes just over 1 year ago (Some posts are back dated to recognize my departure from my 9 to 5 structural engineering job). It’s been a lot of fun!! I’ve had to learn about WordPress, Tumblr, Twitter, tags, time management (I thought I dealt with it I joined Facebook  but there are just so many pretty pictures and kind words here!!)… 😉

I’ve created Single Woman Travels! in hope to share my love of traveling to everyone; especially to the women out there who have always wanted to travel but have stalled for one reason or another. I’ve been there too… “I’ll wait for my friend to save up enough money”, “I’ll wait for my boyfriend to get time off work”, “I have to save up”, “I’m scared because I don’t speak the local language”, “I don’t know anyone there”… so many excuses, so many fears…

Well when my 5 year relationship ended in 2004 and after spending about 8 months picking up pieces of my heart, I got on an airplane by myself, flew to Paris and got myself a short stay in a studio apartment. After that, I’ve been to an additional 33 countries on my own and meeting lots of people along the way. Within this time, I’ve learned a lot about myself and there’s been plenty of surprises and adventures along the way.

I hope through my blog, you will build up your courage and be motivated to go see this great world of ours, through your own eyes. Touch those monuments and sculptures, walk into all those gorgeous buildings you’ve seen in photos, on the TV or your computer screen – step out of your comfort zone.

Sending you Love, Light, Joy.
~ Karen

27 thoughts on “Who is SWT!?

  1. Hey Karen, me again… Thanks for your msg earlier and chuffed that you like my style of writing; not for everyone’s tastes, but that’s me all over, lol.

    Anyway, so you decided to join the small clan of Uncle Spike followers, sometimes known as The Spikey’s…. That makes me a happy blogger now – I really appreciate you making that special mouse click.

    Hope you like my upcoming posts and if you get bored one day, maybe you’ll enjoy trawling through some of my older stuff too.

    If you have any likes, dislikes or suggestions about my blog, just let me know, either through ‘comments’ or via email. Always welcome reader input 🙂

    Have a great old day…

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  2. Thank you for sharing this article quite interesting and, hopefully true happiness rays began to warm our hearts, when we can share it with sincerity. Greetings from Gede Prama 🙂


  3. You’ve got so much courage to travel alone around the world by yourself! I really want to do this too, it seems like such a rewarding experience. Also love the positivity around yourself and your travels 🙂


  4. Hi Karen, I really enjoy reading your blog, and like you, I have done my share of solo travelling. It’s actually liberating! Looking forward to reading more of your posts…HAPPY TRAVELLING! 🙂


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  6. Traveling does help to re-focus thing and find new life. After my stressful breakup, I disappeared for a long weekend to New England….its helps! I can wait to read about your journey!


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