Scenery Sunday: Delphi, Greece

Quaint little town which exists because of the archeological ruins of Delphi.

The mountain air is fresh.

The views stunning.

People smiles.

Opposite of the scorching sun I’ve been under in Athens. The hoards of tourists are gone.

The birds and insects sings after the rain.
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Sunday Scenery – Meteora / Kastraki, Greece

Today is Sunday

I stand under giant rock formations crowned by historical monasteries.

Close my eyes. Allow my other senses to be tickled.

Wafts of sweet scents fill the air – jasmine, wisteria, roses.

Tolling of church bells – soothing melodies.

Warmth of the rising sun on my face.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top (Paragliding)

Paragliding is one of my favorite activities while traveling!

Beautiful aerial view of the landscape below mixed with excitement.

One day I will try sky diving!!

View of Sarangkot, Nepal while paragliding

View of Sarangkot, Nepal while paragliding

Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top (Nepal)

Nepali rides on top of the local bus

Nepali rides on top of the local bus

When I travel I like to try to immerse myself and be part of the local customs. While visiting in Nepal, I noticed the locals not only ride inside the bus, they are on the roof with cargo and animals. It was Diwali and everyone was heading home, so all the buses were extra full.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life (Vancouver)

Vancouver is the gateway to Western Canada. It offers access to the Pacific ocean and excellent views of the Canadian Rockies. In 2013, it was ranked as the world’s third most-livable city – behind Melbourne and Vienna.

Granville Island of Vancouver

Granville Island of Vancouver

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

While stuck in traffic in the streets of Alexandria, Egypt – I saw the reflection of my taxi driver. I wonder what he is thinking. When only 5 minutes prior, I was haggling with him over the cost of the ride to the Library from the train station.

Inside car Inside mirror Inside mind Inside Egypt

Inside car Inside mirror Inside mind Inside Egypt

Looking forward…

With only a few days remaining in 2013, what would you like to leave behind?

What are you looking forward to in 2014?

Let’s set a positive intention together for 2014.

bow of ship forging ahead in Antarctica

Forging ahead towards the Antarctic peninsula in early January 2013

Ice storms are beautiful…

On the eve of December 21, 2013 – Most of Ontario, including Toronto got a hit of Winter. It just so happens to be the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice.

Personally I love the aftermath of Ice storms – okay maybe not the damages caused (fallen power lines = power outages, broken tree branches, traffic interruptions). However, I find a unique serenity associated with the beauty of frozen water molecules and the thoughts the abstract forms provokes…

These are some photos I captured in my neighbourhood – Trinity Bellwoods.

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