Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art (Turkey)

An amazing component that comes along with travel is that I gain an exposure to local artistry. There has been countless times when I want to bring some back as souvenirs or gifts for family and friends. However, at the end of the day, I cannot buy them all for financial reasons or practicality, especially now with the luggage allowance surcharges. So I have decided to capture them with my camera and share them this way…

Here are some Works of Art that I found while traveling in Turkey back in 2010.

Hand painted ceramic plate from Turkey

Hand painted ceramic plate

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Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move (Toronto Streetcar)

On the way home from a concert Saturday night…

Moving along King Street West, on board a streetcar…

Passengers sound asleep. Motionless yet moving…

Lights out.

Lights out on Toronto streetcar

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring! (Galapagos islands)

I spent a few gorgeous Spring days island hopping within the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador back in 2008. Live was perfect when I am within a pristine natural environment. Everything comes to life in spring!

Blue skies. Bright sunshine. Fresh air. Mating season. New born babies….

Here are a few photos I captured during a Blue-footed booby mating dance. Someone was getting all hot and heavy!! hahaMale blue-footed booby dances for his mate Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters (Etched in Stone)

Back in October 2008, I was very fortunate to have crossed the border from Nepal and visited 4 cities in Tibet; Lhasa, Shigatse, Gyantse and Sakya.

Tibetan Buddhism is sacred to me. Though I do not claim to be a Tibetan Buddhist yet in this life.

Every now and then though, I would recite one of Tibetan Buddhism’s oldest and most sacred mantra: Om Mani Peme Hung. In Sanskrit, it is Om Mani Padme Hum. This mantra is associated with Chenrezig Bodhisattva and it means “Om, jewel in the lotus, hum.” Chenrezig or Avalokiteshvara (Sanskrit) is the embodiment of compassion.

When this mantra is recited (aloud or silently) or seen visually, it invokes the powerful benevolent attention and blessings of Chenrezig.

While traveling between cities, I captured these photos…

Tibetan Buddhism mantra - Om Mani Peme Hung

Tibetan Buddhism mantra – Om Mani Peme Hung

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters (Signs)

Signage are very important, especially for travelers in a foreign land. They provide information, humour, inspiration and creativity.

Here are some that caught my eye on my travels…


Heart - written in Traditional Chinese

Heart – written in Traditional Chinese

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters (Buenos Aires)

Buenos Aires of Argentina have so much to offer…

From a design and typography point of view, they offer an unique style of their own called Fileteado Porteño. Beautiful, stylized lines and flowers drawn in bright colours are used to decorate signage in and around the city.

In some of the touristic areas, replicas can be found for sale as souvenirs.

Fileteado Porteño -Mysteriosa, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fileteado Porteño – Mysteriosa

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Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top (World)

With this week’s photo challenge, it is emphasizing and reminding me how much I enjoy hiking to the top of a mountain or a higher elevation. I do get affected by altitude sickness though, as realized on the Inca Trail. With this effort though, I have gained experiences along the way and am allowed to enjoy the view from a different perspective.

Here are some views from the 7 continents:


View of Neko Harbour, Antarctica

View of Neko Harbour, Antarctica

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold (Nepal)

Kathmandu Diwali 2011 - Rangoli path

Kathmandu Diwali 2011 – Rangoli path

On the Eve of the Diwali festival – Hindus decorate their doorways and pathways to guide Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth into their home.

Diwali or the Festival of Light is a very important Hindu celebration as it marks the end of their calendar year. It is recognized as a national holiday in India and Nepal and the celebration typically lasts 5 days. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life (Vancouver)

Vancouver is the gateway to Western Canada. It offers access to the Pacific ocean and excellent views of the Canadian Rockies. In 2013, it was ranked as the world’s third most-livable city – behind Melbourne and Vienna.

Granville Island of Vancouver

Granville Island of Vancouver

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