Travel Thought Thursday :- Connection

Today its very common to see people of any nation holding a cell phone or a smart phone. Head lowered. Eyes on the glowing screen. Thumbs and/or fingers tapping furiously on the device. Sore necks ensues. Eye contact lost. Face-to-face connection is a thing of the past.

Nevertheless, technology has made connection across continents much easier.

Human connection often times requires an electronic device as a mediator. However, sometimes the electronic device has caused mixed messages and led to misunderstandings.

Yet when friends and family gather, the true human connection is often neglected. It’s no uncommon to see a table of 4 people seated at a table in the restaurant and all 4 are busy with their own electronic device. Children and babies are often given a tablet to play with to provide the parents and guardians free time.

What is this world coming to??
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Travel Tuesday :- $72 flight with Turkish Airlines from Toronto to Istanbul

YYZ to IST flight map on board Turkish airlines TK18

YYZ to IST flight map on board Turkish airlines TK18

When I was ready to book my return visit to the beautiful country of Turkey – I scoured the interweb for an amazing deal!

The average price I found for a return flight between Toronto and Istanbul was around $1200 CAD for departure in June 2014 and return in November 2014. This search for flights occurred within February 2014. As I am a keen collector of frequent flyer miles with my credit cards, as discussed in this post – I looked into the costs associated with redeeming my points for a ticket.

With my Aeroplan points, Air Canada offered a return flights for 75,000 points and approx. $400 (for tax an fees). I thought that was appalling – $400 just for taxes and fees!!
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