Sunday Scenery – Meteora / Kastraki, Greece

Today is Sunday

I stand under giant rock formations crowned by historical monasteries.

Close my eyes. Allow my other senses to be tickled.

Wafts of sweet scents fill the air – jasmine, wisteria, roses.

Tolling of church bells – soothing melodies.

Warmth of the rising sun on my face.

Baby fruits growing on trees made me salivate. Continue reading

My first time… Hiking in the dark!

Single Woman Travels Gravatar profile photo taken at Mount Sinai, Egypt

Single Woman Travels Gravatar profile photo. Photographer: Brandon Oelofse

Ever wonder where my Gravatar profile photo was taken??!

It was taken during one fine sunrise on top of Mount Sinai in Egypt – 20 days before the beginning of the uprising, better known as the Egyptian Revolution of 2011.

I have been fortunate enough to have seen the sun rise on all 7 continents. Each and every time, it is an amazing feeling and experience for me. From darkness to light – the dawn of a new day. Fresh start. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections (Angkor Wat, Cambodia)

Panoramic view of Angkor Wat at sunrise

Panoramic view of Angkor Wat at sunrise

In some ways I can be considered a morning person. Most days I naturally wake up around 7:30am – without an alarm. I might take a nap later on if my schedule allows and I mean really, who doesn’t like a nap?! Though I have noticed I wake up earliest while on the road, traveling (with the assistance of an alarm or morning calls). There have been many occasions where I woke up at 3 or 4am for a sunrise hike or early early flights. Mind boggling at first thought, all worth the experience in hindsight!

Back in April 2013, I woke up at 4am to arrive at 5am at Angkor Wat (Cambodia) for one of my treasured sunrise experience.

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Why visit Antarctica?! Reason No.3

Typically when someone mentions Polar expeditions, the word COLD / FREEZING COLD would pop up in conversation. As recent as August 2010, the temperature in Antarctica hit am all time low of -94.7C (-135.8F). However, with the recent Polar vortex dipping South along the Eastern seaboard in North America, Antarctica seems like a winter escape!

As those in the Southern Hemisphere enjoy Summer, expedition tours to Antarctica are in full swing – sometimes visiting Falkland islands and South Georgia islands along the way. The travel season to this region starts in early November and continue until March with departures typically from Ushuaia, Argentina and Invercargill, New Zealand. Continue reading