Wildlife – Cassowary

My first interaction with a Cassowary was from a distance – we shared a sideways glance as I sat in the back of a Greyhound bus.

I had been traveling from Cairns to Melbourne with multiple stops in between. I had heard about a giant bird, much like an ostrich or an emu in appearance but the cassowary is much more colorful in comparison. However, it has a nasty temper and known for attacking people.

That day, as I watched the world drift by from the inside of the Greyhound bus, I noticed a bright splash of color in the distance. Just standing in the middle of the road, in the other lane. As my head whipped around to catch the final glimpse, I noticed there’s not one but two cassowaries! The second was smaller, I presume it is the baby and mom was shielding the baby from the traffic. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Personally, I have an attachment to the number 3. So when I saw this photo challenge, I liked it, I liked it – a LOT.

Here are 3 facts about me…

To begin with my birthdate is March 3, that’s 3 + 3. Continue reading

Cambodia – The land of Hammocks!

What did I know about Cambodia before arriving at the overland crossing at Poipet from Thailand? Honestly – Not much.

I knew I wanted to see Angkor Wat at sunrise. A friend mentioned about hearing monks chanting while the sun rose from behind the great temple. Cambodians prefer the US currency, and you may receive change back in their currency, the Cambodian Riel. A lot of blood was shed during the Khmer Rouge occupation – sad, horrible times for Cambodia.

These days, life in Cambodia is a lot more peaceful and relaxing. The one aspect that came as a pleasant surprise is how they all enjoy lounging and napping in a hammock! Continue reading