Scenery Sunday : Antalya Ramazan

In the 9th month of the Muslim calendar, fasting occurs from sunrise to sunset. It is the Islamic holy month. 29 to 30 days. No water. No food. No alcohol. It is generally called Ramadan. In Turkey it is called Ramazan. For 2014, Ramazan is the month of July in the Gregory calendar.

Iftar is the meal taken every night to break the fast. Along with iftar is the gathering of family and friends. Celebration. Party. Elation.

Antalya is a key touristic city on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Muslims gather in the coastal Karalio─člu park every day at sundown to share iftar and related festivities.
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Travel Thought Thursday :- Ramazan and Travel Concerns

As I prepared to return to Turkey at the end of June, after my 25 days odyssey in Greece, I realized my return will coincide with the Holy month of Ramazan (Ramadan in Turkish). It is the month of the year where Muslims fast between the hours of sunrise and sunset. No food. No water. Some shops have reduced hours of operations.

What do I do?? Will I survive?? I love food!!! I need food! I drink water like a big Blue whale as described by someone I used to know.


Fresh figs from Fethiye market

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