Why visit Antarctica?! Reason No.3

Typically when someone mentions Polar expeditions, the word COLD / FREEZING COLD would pop up in conversation. As recent as August 2010, the temperature in Antarctica hit am all time low of -94.7C (-135.8F). However, with the recent Polar vortex dipping South along the Eastern seaboard in North America, Antarctica seems like a winter escape!

As those in the Southern Hemisphere enjoy Summer, expedition tours to Antarctica are in full swing – sometimes visiting Falkland islands and South Georgia islands along the way. The travel season to this region starts in early November and continue until March with departures typically from Ushuaia, Argentina and Invercargill, New Zealand. Continue reading

Why visit Antarctica?! Reason No.1

Antarctica – the 7th and last continent. Not many people can call Antarctica home, if they do, they’re mainly there for research purposes. It is approximately 2552 miles (4107 km) from the nearest grocery store on the Falkland islands (Islas Malvinas). So you better go prepared!

I chose to go see the frozen continent for a few main reasons: Continue reading