The Best Pho in Hanoi, Vietnam

Everyday we eat food to satisfy our hunger and maintain our energy levels. Taste is one of the 5 senses that I treasure and am grateful for each and every day.

Today I felt like eating Vietnamese pho and fortunately, I have a Vietnamese restaurant that is only a 5 minutes walk from my Toronto home. Coincidentally, world renown chefs are known to frequent this little family-run restaurant. So they concur that this little gem in my neighborhood does bring back sweet memories to all who have visited or once lived in Vietnam.

For $10 CAD (plus tip), I can enjoy this delicious pho with duck, bamboo shoot and congealed pig’s blood.

Pho with Duck and bamboo shoots in Toronto at Pho Tien Thanh

Pho with Duck and bamboo shoots in Toronto at Pho Tien Thanh

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Delicious Food in Laos – Bring it!

Prior to my arrival in Laos – I had never tasted or seen Lao cuisine. Or so I thought…

Little did I know, Northern Thai cuisine and Cambodian cuisine were developed from Lao cuisine! This explains why the names are similar if not the same and tastes similar as well. I was in for a treat… and HEAT! Spicy, hot, heat! Bring me a towel, sweat from the spicy food will be competing with sweat from the hot, humid weather.

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