The Art of Haggling – 5 strategies to shop successfully

Hawkers swarm tourists at the exit gate of Borobudur, Indonesia

Hawkers swarm tourists at the exit gate of Borobudur, Indonesia

Haggling and travel goes hand-in-hand in the mind of many travelers around the world. Many travel guides remind travelers to haggle. However, those of us who grew up and/or live in the western world may feel we are unfamiliar with this life skill. Unbeknownst to most, each time we look at a sale advertisement or compare prices between retailers we are, to some degree, haggling – bargaining – negotiating. The only thing missing is the face-to-face interaction.

In many countries, haggling is expected. I see haggling as fun, like a sport. I was born in Hong Kong, a locale known for haggling with hawkers, however as a kid I did not remember my mom or other family members haggle with hawkers when we shopped in the market. Honestly, I do not remember my first personal experience with haggling, however, when the occasion arises – I am READY! Continue reading

Career Break

Today, during a conversation with one of my work husbands, the words “Career Break” popped into my head. Completely out of context of our discussion but that’s just how my head works sometimes. Random things pop up and I’ll have a little jaunt down memory lane. Don’t get me wrong, our discussion wasn’t boring. My brain just works in mysterious random multitasking ways.

Back in 2002 when I have had only 4 years of professional experience in the structural engineering consulting field. I decided to pull the plug, it wasn’t because I hated what I have chosen as my ‘career’ nor did I hate the people I worked with every day. Honestly, I got spooked. Continue reading