Travel Tuesday :- Hotel Bookings, Forget about it!

The Day I showed up at a hotel without a booking was Liberating. Who woulda thunk!

After visiting 46 countries in the world, meeting plenty of people who just stroll up to hotels and hostels without a booking… I am finally brave enough to follow their footsteps. I mean considering I only had a return flight for this current 6-month journey with no set itinerary and not know where I’ll be the next day… I sound like a late bloomer.

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How to decide which type of accommodation?

Congratulations! You have decided on your travel destination and you are ready to figure out some logistics. In my mind, flights are fairly easy to book and there are many travel agents to help you out if help is needed. Otherwise, the interweb has a plethora of suggestions right at your fingertips!

Accommodations on the other hand require a personal touch – more so, one has to know oneself and one’s preferences and requirements. From my past travels, I have gotten to know myself as I try to find the appropriate accommodations that are suitable for me. Continue reading