It’s cold outside…

To commemorate the coldest day I’ve experienced while living in Toronto (Jan 3 2013 @ 7:19am -23C, feeling like -39C with windchill) – let’s check out my recent journey to Antarctica!

Antarctica is the last continent for me to visit on this great planet of ours. I had decided to go big or stay home and chose the 18 day journey with Ocean Diamond, a ship that carries about 190 passengers, operated by Quark expedition. On this journey we visited the Falklands and South Georgia Islands. Continue reading

My first time… Hiking up a Volcano!

Photos and posted by Karen Sze

On April 28, 2008 – I scaled my first Volcano!!! Okay, okay – I exaggerate I didn’t reach the peak but still, it’s something of significance for me. I signed up for a day hike with G adventures up Cotopaxi, a dormant stratovolcano that’s about 28 km South of Quito in Ecuador. Standing at 5897 m, it’s the second highest summit in Ecuador, visible from the capital.

Cotopaxi volcano,  the second highest summit in Ecuador

View of Cotopaxi volcano

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