Fruit Friday :- White Currant

White currants in KleinMarktHalle Frankfurt Germany

Scenery Sunday :- Lausanne Farmer’s Market

Every Saturdays and Wednesdays, Lausanne (Switzerland) plays host to farmer’s in the old town until approximately 1300 hour. They come from near and far to share the goodness they’ve created and grown.

As you have come to know on my blog, I love to visit local fresh markets wherever I am in the world. Taste the local food. Admire the local culture.

My friend and I started at the corner of Rue de Bourg and Rue Saint-François by the Globus store. We meandered through the streets and ended up at the Saturday flea market. Join us on our walk. Tasting fresh fruits and pastries fresh from the oven! Continue reading

Scenery Sunday : Volksdorf Market (Hamburg), Germany

Hamburg is known for their fischmarkt at the Harbour on Sundays. However, I was pleasantly distracted by a tall, handsome German. So I spent time with him instead of visiting the market.

Instead I went to the Wednesday market at Volksdorf station (Kattjahren/Halenreie). Vendors, farmers, fishmongers, bakers, florists, dairy vendors, mobile café… Everything was fresh and delicious looking! Tough life for a foodie.

Locals arrive on foot or by bicycle with their shopping basket and carts. Young and old. All looking happy with glee. Row upon rows of friendly chatter and exchange of goods for cash.

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Sunday Scenery : Fethiye Market, Turkey

Fresh markets around the world depict the culture and traditions of the local area in detail. I have always enjoyed experiencing the life of a local by wandering through local markets. Vendors, artisans, and farmers travel from surrounding areas to offer up their goods. Each country, each city, each town have their own days of the week – in addition to brick and mortar shopkeepers and supermarkets.

In Fethiye, there are 3 days each week where vendors gather and offer their goods. Each day the market meets in a different area of town. Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday markets buzz with activity. Funny enough the vendors encouraged me to take photos of them or their goods. Especially the fresh produce vendors, they seemed proud of their fruits and vegetables and loved the attention.

Whatever you may need for daily life, will be found inside the market. Wander through the market with me.
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