Day trip to Jogjakarta, Indonesia : Part 2 Lunch break!

Passengers in public transit bus in Jogja, Indonesia

Passengers in public transit bus in Jogja, Indonesia

After my visit to Prambanan, I walked back to the Trans Jogja bus station and people watched. Life in this part of Indonesia is much different than the tourist saturated Bali. I mean there were plenty of tourists at Prambanan, but they were no where to be found at the local bus station which is only a short walk away. Perhaps, not too many foreigners venture to Prambanan on their own – like myself.

I am the type of person who forgets to eat and drink when my mind and body is pre-occupied. While I walked back to the bus station, my stomach started rumbling. Continue reading

48 hour Intercontinental Flight-less Travel

This year I spent my birthday in Toronto, Canada – amongst amazing friends in a locale I am somewhat familiar with. I admit there are still many pockets of area in Toronto that I have not visited yet. It is a funny thing that happens to me, as I mentioned before I love to explore. However, when it comes to places I actually live in – like Toronto, Winnipeg, Hong Kong. Even on a broader reference, I have barely explored the provinces of Ontario and Manitoba, they are the provinces of Toronto and Winnipeg, respectively.

So to celebrate my birthday, I naturally “traveled” and ate. In the last 48 hours, I had traveled to Mexico, Japan, Philippines and Italy – without getting on an airplane. Would you like to come along? Continue reading

Delicious Food in Laos – Bring it!

Prior to my arrival in Laos – I had never tasted or seen Lao cuisine. Or so I thought…

Little did I know, Northern Thai cuisine and Cambodian cuisine were developed from Lao cuisine! This explains why the names are similar if not the same and tastes similar as well. I was in for a treat… and HEAT! Spicy, hot, heat! Bring me a towel, sweat from the spicy food will be competing with sweat from the hot, humid weather.

Before embarking on this Epic journey, I figured I had to go into training – what type of training you ask… Continue reading

Foodie Delights from Turkey

Turkey, the country, not the bird straddles 2 continents.

The Silk Road ran through Turkey. The famous Hagia Sophia in Istanbul (what was Constantinople) was constructed as a cathedral, then converted to be a mosque and now stands as a museum.

One can only assume the local food to mirror it’s rich history and it’s geographical location. Continue reading

Malaysian-Singaporean-Indonesian food tour in Toronto

Here is how I traveled to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia without getting on an airplane!

Toronto, Canada is a melting pot of cultures – heartland of immigrants from around the world. Over 140 languages and dialects are spoken by the citizens of Toronto – so it is no wonder, there is a vast variety of cuisine to be had in this city. No one wants to be homesick and food plays such an important role in all cultures and represent their heritage.

Since my return to Toronto from my 2013 Epic Journey to 14 different countries, various friends have commented on the photos of food I had posted on Facebook while traveling. They wanted to step out of their comfort zone and try other cuisine. However, they couldn’t just jet off to a far away land to get a taste of the Asian or South America cuisine. So a suggestion of a mini travel tour without a 15+ hour flight came about. Continue reading