Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters (Signs)

Signage are very important, especially for travelers in a foreign land. They provide information, humour, inspiration and creativity.

Here are some that caught my eye on my travels…


Heart - written in Traditional Chinese

Heart – written in Traditional Chinese

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Money, Money, Money… Travel warnings!

Picture of foreign currency

Foreign currencies

Over years of travel, I have noticed one thing, regardless of the rising popularity with credit cards and debit cards – Cash is KING.

Majority of small businesses around the world will only accept cash in exchange for services or goods. If credit cards are accepted, sometimes a 3% transaction fee would be added to cost of the item to help pay for the fees charged by banking institutions. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections (Angkor Wat, Cambodia)

Panoramic view of Angkor Wat at sunrise

Panoramic view of Angkor Wat at sunrise

In some ways I can be considered a morning person. Most days I naturally wake up around 7:30am – without an alarm. I might take a nap later on if my schedule allows and I mean really, who doesn’t like a nap?! Though I have noticed I wake up earliest while on the road, traveling (with the assistance of an alarm or morning calls). There have been many occasions where I woke up at 3 or 4am for a sunrise hike or early early flights. Mind boggling at first thought, all worth the experience in hindsight!

Back in April 2013, I woke up at 4am to arrive at 5am at Angkor Wat (Cambodia) for one of my treasured sunrise experience.

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Cambodia – The land of Hammocks!

What did I know about Cambodia before arriving at the overland crossing at Poipet from Thailand? Honestly – Not much.

I knew I wanted to see Angkor Wat at sunrise. A friend mentioned about hearing monks chanting while the sun rose from behind the great temple. Cambodians prefer the US currency, and you may receive change back in their currency, the Cambodian Riel. A lot of blood was shed during the Khmer Rouge occupation – sad, horrible times for Cambodia.

These days, life in Cambodia is a lot more peaceful and relaxing. The one aspect that came as a pleasant surprise is how they all enjoy lounging and napping in a hammock! Continue reading