My First Time… in a Hot air Balloon!

Sunrise above the clouds over Australia

Sunrise above the clouds over Australia

Have you ever wondered what it is like to fly in the sky?!

To be in the clouds?!

To breathe in that fresh air and not just experience it through an airplane window?!

~ I have.

It is probably why I went paragliding in Nepal and parasailing in Thailand.

Maybe I was a pilot in another life. Maybe I was a bird of some sort in my past life.

Who knows the reason… I just love being in the sky! Continue reading

My first time… Scuba Diving!

Back in 2009, I packed my bags and went to Eastern Australia for 6 weeks. The plan was to get my scuba diving certification at the Great Barrier Reef, visit friends I met while traveling who live in Sydney and Melbourne and fill in the blanks on the go.

I was scared and excited – total mixed bag of emotions, I tell ya!

The KINK => I cannot swim, not really. I am scared of water. I can kinda swim the back stroke but if water splashes onto my face (with goggles ON) – I freak! I have drowned in a swimming pool, during adult swimming lessons, where the water was just deep enough that I cannot touch the bottom. So yes, there’s a slight problem. Reason for fear of water: I drowned to death in a past life – this is a recent discovery. Continue reading