Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters (Buenos Aires)

Buenos Aires of Argentina have so much to offer…

From a design and typography point of view, they offer an unique style of their own called Fileteado Porteño. Beautiful, stylized lines and flowers drawn in bright colours are used to decorate signage in and around the city.

In some of the touristic areas, replicas can be found for sale as souvenirs.

Fileteado Porteño -Mysteriosa, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fileteado Porteño – Mysteriosa

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life (San Telmo)

Spending a sun shining Sunday at the Feria de San Pedro Telmo is a must when visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina.

San Telmo Sunday Market Banner

San Telmo Sunday Market Banner

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My first time… at a Cemetery as a Tourist!

Coming from a traditional Chinese family, going to a cemetery AND taking photos would definitely be deemed a faux pas! BIG no no!

Cemeteries are deemed a scary place, thanks to hundreds of horror movies. They are portrayed as run down, haunted and solemn. On the contrary, I have seen some ‘modern’ cemeteries that are laid out like a public park with lots of trees, shrubs and grass. The ones in Hong Kong typically offers epic views as Feng Shui says it is best to be “backed by a mountain, face open waters”. None of the scary stuff.

Then there is the famous Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina, dating back to 1822. The layout of the cemetery was done by the French civil engineer Próspero Catelin. This place is like no other! Continue reading

Life’s pleasant surprises

Life is an adventure if you trust the Universe and allow the best possible outcome to occur. You will be pleasantly surprised.

On March 2, 2013, I took a deep breath, pulled up my Big girl pants and asked 3 different people in Buenos Aires to find out which bus I should take to get this Single Woman to La Boca. It was a spontaneous decision that I made after visiting the Catedral of Buenos Aires. I did not do my research, my Lonely Planet was left behind on my bed at the rented studio apartment and really it’s been a dead weight on this journey. Continue reading

Spending Christmas (solo) away from home?

This time last year, I arrived in Buenos Aires (BsAs), Argentina at the early hours of Christmas Day to begin my 2013 Epic Journey. After a restful sleep, I started early to explore the city – alone – on what is typically a day reserved for family and friends.

I know most people if given the choice, they would rather not be on the road during the festive holiday season – solo. Traveling alone can be challenging. Homesickness is common. I relate it to Valentine’s day, when I see lovey dovey couples together, while I’m spending Vday alone or with other single friends. I admit I am a seasoned solo traveler but I know traveling solo can be a daunting and pushing you out of your comfort zone. Personally, I think and know that when one choose to travel solo, one can end up gaining some new perspectives and unexpected experiences, if given the opportunity. Continue reading