My first time… Contracting Dengue Fever!

Casa Dom Inacio - Home of John of God

Casa Dom Inacio – Home of John of God

During the spiritual portion of my 2013 Epic Journey, I traveled to the small town of Abadiânia, in the province of Goiás, Brazil. It is there where one can be in the presence of João Teixeira de Faria – John of God (João de Deus). He is known to be a medium and a psychic surgeon by channeling Entities.

I had no idea who he was 6 months prior, however when I mentioned to my Usui Reiki instructor of my intent to visit Brazil in 2013 – she insisted that I must pay him a visit. Of course I googled him and found out Oprah had interviewed him. So I decided to include it as part of my journey if time allowed. Continue reading

Brazilian Visa Application Tip (when applying in Toronto, Canada)

Of the 3 South American countries I will be visiting during my 2013 Epic Journey, Brazil requires advance visa application. When I started looking into the application process, a travel agent pointed me to a website but it turns out to be a Third party agency. To give a hand to others who needs to apply for a Brazilian Visitor Visa, I thought I would share my experience here.

The beauty of the Brazilian Visitor Visa – once approved, it is normally valid for multiple entries within 5 years from date of first entry for Canadian passport holders! How awesome is that! I love being a Canadian! WOOT! Thank you Brazil! [Update: If your passport expires before the Brazilian visa, carry both passports with you – the Brazilian visa is still valid and will be recognized!] Continue reading

2013 in Hindsight

Today is the last Friday the 13th for 2013, the 13th year of the 21st century, no less. With the last month of the year almost half over, I can’t help but to think of all that has happened and all that I’ve accomplished this past year. And let me say it’s been quite the year for me – EVER!

Let me elaborate a bit…

I started the year by ringing in 2013 on a ship (Quark’s Ocean Diamond), with 183 other travelers from around the world, in the middle of the waters between South America and Antarctica. After reaching my 7th Continent, I knew I will head back to South America, explore Chile, Argentina and Brazil, then head over to Asia and due to return back to Canada by end of July.

This is the framework I gave myself to work with this time last year. With these 3 return flights in hand:


Epic Journey 2013 - Plan for South America and Antarctica

Epic Journey 2013 – Plan for South America and Antarctica

Epic Journey 2013 - Plan for Asia

Epic Journey 2013 – Plan for Asia (a friend I must visit in Singapore!!)

In the end, I finally returned to my home to ‘stay’ at the end of August. My 2013 Epic Journey took me to 14 countries, by all modes of transportation; airplane, ship, boat, subways, buses (lots of buses), ferries, mopeds, trains, etc. If I had a pedometer, that would be one impressive record!!

By mid-April, this was my accomplishments in South America + Antarctica

By mid-April, this was my accomplishments in South America + Antarctica

By end of July, I conquered a bit of Asia.

By end of July, I conquered a bit of Asia.

My intention in the coming weeks and months is to share with you my experiences (spiritual and otherwise) while exploring these 3 continents on my own, as a Single Woman. The people I met are incredible and so are the stories we created together!

From this I hope to create a travel-loving community that will join me and explore other locales together (physically and vicariously) – intuitively, curiously while having lots of fun.

Let’s create memories together!!

Choices in Life

Tonight I will embark on my first overnight bus since this past April. Back then I was half way through my 2013 Epic Journey. I had stepped onto my 7th continent, Antarctica, drank water from a crevasse Perito Moreno glacier, sailed up the coast of Chile and ‘showered’ at the grand Iguassu falls. My life = Bliss.

That night in early April gave me an experience I don’t wish upon any other. Luckily no one on board was physically harmed but I believe most of us returned home with a bit of emotional and/or mental scar.

A few minutes before midnight I jolted awake from my deep slumber, remembered that I’m on a double decker bus, traveling from Brasilia to Rio de Janeiro. I just have a few more days left in Brazil before heading to Asia. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking long distance buses in South America as it’s very affordable and the top of the line buses offer leather bound seats that resembles those found in a First Class compartment on an airplane. Some bus lines in Argentina even have an attendant to offer up personal TV, champagne and full 3 course meal. Continue reading