She did What!?! ~ with Kristine

Single Woman Travels! (SWT) is a place to inspire and motivate women (and men) around the world to travel. She did What?! is a monthly series of Q&A – asking women around the world to share their past travel experience. From this, I hope a few more women who are on the brink of expanding their world will be inspired and motivated to turn their dreams into reality.

Bio…    Kristine Apostol, Toronto, Canada

SWT:    Where was the destination of your first solo trip?

KA:        California in 2008

SWT:    How old were you?

KA:        29

SWT:    Were you single or attached at the time?

DC:        Married, so I usually go with my husband, but this time I went alone to visit family.

SWT:    What inspired the idea?

KA:        Fun times with family that I haven’t seen and a getaway! I was in a career transition.

SWT:    What was your trip style? (backpack, tour group, comfort, meetup with family/friends)

KA:        Meetup with family/friends.

SWT:    What type of accommodations? (family owned, B&B, tents, if a hotel, how many stars)

KA:        Family-owned.

SWT:    How long was your trip?

KA:        2 weeks

SWT:    Who looked after the logistics?

KA:        Me…

SWT:    If you planned and/or booked the itinerary, did you enjoy the process?

KA:        Yes, definitely. I like planning.

SWT:    If you worked with a travel agent, how was the experience?

KA:        N/A

SWT:    Would you / have you booked subsequent trips yourself?

KA:        Yes this one, but usually my husband does.

SWT:    What would you do different – in hindsight?

KA:        Research more on California and see where I want to go and sights I’d like to see… I just depended on family to take me places… which was still nice.

SWT:    Did you feel comfortable traveling solo?

KA:        Yes, no big deal.

SWT:    How much research did you do in advance?

KA:        Not much.

SWT:    What was the biggest surprise on the trip?

KA:        How much I missed my husband… I never went away solo before except for work trips, but this was different.

SWT:    What did you learn about yourself during the trip that you weren’t totally aware of beforehand?

KA:        That I can go alone… and much needed time for myself.

SWT:    Was there any close calls or run-ins?

KA:        Not really, except when family issues were brought up with other family members that I did not really want to do on my vacation.

SWT:    Where is your next dream destination?

KA:        Europe, Fiji, Spain… and Bahamas is one of my favourites – a feel good vacation – can’t wait to go with my family.

Next time, we’ll hear from Rhona who chose to travel on her own…

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