Scenery Sunday :- Cruising on Lake Lucerne

After my visit to Mt Rigi, I took a scenic cruise on Lake Lucerne. The rain clouds began moving in over the lake. The wind in my hair. It was a relaxing and enjoyable end to a perfect day of exploration.

I boarded the paddle wheel boat at Vitznau and on the way to Lucerne, Switzerland, there was many beautiful landscapes to enjoy and countless lake front homes. Some lake front homes are humble while others make a clear statement of the owner`s status in society.

The paddle wheel cruise served 2 main purposes; one as a touristic cruise along Lake Lucerne, the other purpose was to help local residents move from one town to another. Though I believe we all enjoyed the beautiful views on the way to our destination. Continue reading

My first time… at a Cemetery as a Tourist!

Coming from a traditional Chinese family, going to a cemetery AND taking photos would definitely be deemed a faux pas! BIG no no!

Cemeteries are deemed a scary place, thanks to hundreds of horror movies. They are portrayed as run down, haunted and solemn. On the contrary, I have seen some ‘modern’ cemeteries that are laid out like a public park with lots of trees, shrubs and grass. The ones in Hong Kong typically offers epic views as Feng Shui says it is best to be “backed by a mountain, face open waters”. None of the scary stuff.

Then there is the famous Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina, dating back to 1822. The layout of the cemetery was done by the French civil engineer Próspero Catelin. This place is like no other! Continue reading

TBT: Chicago 2004

This is my first post for Throw Back Thursday. To pay tribute to the number 4, I decided to go with some photos from 2004 when I visited Chicago, USA.

As I have a background in Structural engineering and I am interested in all things design related, I traveled to Chicago soon after the Millennium park opened. Fresh designs were available everywhere to satisfy my hunger for beautiful modern designs. They were so fresh that the weld seams were still visible on Cloud Gate, the bean-shaped sculpture. Then of course, the Sears Tower looms over downtown Chicago like no other.

I did not know at the time but by the end of 2004, I would begin Single Woman Travels. Continue reading