Travel Tuesday :- Hot Springs in Israel

Wherever I travel to I tend to seek out at least one location for a bit of self-care, spa time, “Me” time. When I was in the Northern reaches of Israel early in November of 2014, I looked for a natural hot springs that is easily accessible from Tiberias.

Tiberias is a city on the Sea of Galilee. Minutes from Tiberias is the Tiberias Hot Spring which is accessible on foot or by taking the local bus. It is located at the just South of the Hamat Tiberias National Park. I found out about it when I saw it from the bus en route to my day hike in the Yehudiya National Park.

However, when I consulted with the hotel owner, he said “Don’t waste your money there, if you want to visit a proper hot spring, go to Hamat Gader!”

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Sunday Scenery – Meteora / Kastraki, Greece

Today is Sunday

I stand under giant rock formations crowned by historical monasteries.

Close my eyes. Allow my other senses to be tickled.

Wafts of sweet scents fill the air – jasmine, wisteria, roses.

Tolling of church bells – soothing melodies.

Warmth of the rising sun on my face.

Baby fruits growing on trees made me salivate. Continue reading

Animals are innocent

Often times, animals are used as a source of income. Some are basically sold to turn a profit. Some are slaughtered as a source of food while others are taken for their fur or skin. Some provide a long term source of income for their owner when they are used as a mode of transportation.

There has been a few occasions where I have seen animals that are decorated ornately and positioned at choice tourist spots and viewpoints. These animals serve as props for photos and offer tourists a moment of experience. Some may view this as cruelty against the animal as some animals are kept in harsh conditions and not looked after properly. What is the silver lining – prolonged life? Continue reading