Travel Thought Thursday :- Money Talk for Travel to Greece

If you’re on a budget when traveling in Greece, then here are some quirks I’ve noticed and might save you some money.

Meal Time Savings


Pay attention to your bill at the end of a meal

Bread – Unlike North America, the bread basket is NOT free!

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How to decide which type of accommodation?

Congratulations! You have decided on your travel destination and you are ready to figure out some logistics. In my mind, flights are fairly easy to book and there are many travel agents to help you out if help is needed. Otherwise, the interweb has a plethora of suggestions right at your fingertips!

Accommodations on the other hand require a personal touch – more so, one has to know oneself and one’s preferences and requirements. From my past travels, I have gotten to know myself as I try to find the appropriate accommodations that are suitable for me. Continue reading

My Travel Style… Varies!

To each their Own” is a favourite saying of mine.

Some days I enjoy researching the destination. Some days I enjoy planning and booking the logistics. Other days I don’t want to do anything and just sign up with a low hassle tour group with an itinerary I love. Many other days, I wander the streets of a new place without a map, blend in with the locals even when I don’t speak their language – it’s easy, just smile and nod (the address of my local home in their language in my pocket!).

For me, Home is where the heart is.
Home is where I am that day; physically, mentally, emotionally. Continue reading