Thank YOU to ALL 500 Followers on Facebook!

Honestly, I don’t know how this happened but it’s a numerical milestone I’ve reached today, May 30, 2016. I know some of the followers thought this is some sort of dating thing when they liked my Facebook page. Hopefully they’ve had better luck than me with finding their life partner or temporary partner.

Here’s a awesome fireworks video I recorded recently to celebrate this milestone.

When I started this at the end of 2013, it was about sharing my experiences as a solo, single traveller. There have been countless stories, some I’ve shared, some I have not – a few were scary AF which I wish upon no other; all I could now laugh at when looking back.

In the end, this is my life, my adventure. I can only wish that I have inspired a few to venture out of their own comfort zone to try something new and add to your own life, your own adventure. It doesn’t have to be flying across the world or going to some far off locale. It could be as simple as trying a new type of food or thinking about a certain issue with a different perspective. Because this is how we grow – by pushing against our own comfort zone.

I have been sporadic with my posts for about a year now and it’s due to multiple reasons – I do apologizes if you’ve been hoping or expecting for more. I can only blame myself.

Currently, I’m in the midst of my life/adventure in Germany. Trying to handle the ups and downs as best I can. Regardless of where I am, life comes in all shades of the rainbow and some more – not every minute of every day can be all sunshine and laughter. I wanted this new life in Germany and of course, I will have to handle all that comes with that commitment.

You’d think a person with abandonment issues growing up would stay in one place where their support network is firmly in place, since that’s where security and control can easily be found. Yet, time and time again, I am the one who keeps moving and travelling to different places in search of the “unknown.” Sometimes, I ask if I’m running away because I think I don’t deserve what I have found or built for myself. Other times, I feel like I am not yet satisfied with what I have or created for myself so then the search continues. I suppose this is my human nature – not settling, leaving no stones unturned.

Within this life, I’ve swung from extremes, experiencing the dualities in life. The pros and the cons. The positives and the negatives. The good and the bad. Feeling the various emotions and experiences attached to each variation teaches me more about life. I have worked 70-hour weeks and been unemployed. I’ve been a structural engineer and a florist – Reiki practitioner – yoga teacher – tour guide. Now from thinking I don’t deserve what I have or created to training and reminding myself that I DO deserve and will enjoy what I have found and created. Instead of always seeking, know that life is easier to find fulfillment and satisfaction with what I already possess.

No one is born knowing how they fit into this gigantic jigsaw puzzle we call Life. I am still in search of how I fit in. I hope you will keep seeking as well.

Solo guitarist in front of the Helsinki Cathedral during sunset (May 2016)

Solo guitarist in front of the Helsinki Cathedral during sunset (May 2016)

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