The Launch :- Spiritual Radiance Tours

Spiritual Radiance Tours logo - 3 circles symbolizing the Mind, body and spirit coming together and forming a connection. The 7 colors are Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and magenta; representing the 7 chakras of the human body.Today, the day after a new moon, a full solar eclipse and Spring equinox, please allow me to present my new business venture – Spiritual Radiance Tours.

It has been my intention for the past few years to share my joy of travel. Within this time, I wasn’t sure what was the best method, in addition to this blog. The experiences I have gained by combining spirituality and travel has been life changing to say the least for me.

My journeys have taken me to various corners of the world, however, it has also taken me to the deep and sometimes dark corners of my inner world. Aspects of myself that I have neglected or forgotten. Aspects of myself that needed resolution. Aspects that I needed to accept as a part of me.

I am nothing without my past. I live in the present and embrace the future.


The custom guided tours I am offering through Spiritual Radiance Tours are geared toward the curious few looking to strengthen their intuition, their trust in the Universe and in turn empower themselves. By going on a journey with me, I hope to help others heighten their global awareness and form a stronger connection with the Universe and its inhabitants.

I will serve as the guide, facilitator, yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, BodyTalk Access practitioner and travel companion.Travel brings power and love back to your life - Rumi


The journey I took to launch this business was a unique trial for me. For each small or large decision, I went through a cycle of fear, hesitance, resistance, acceptance, procrastination, doubt and surge of courage. Each component on the website represents a small, baby step toward what I truly wanted to share; be it the name, color, layout, logo, font. I had to remind myself that it is okay to ask for help from strangers and friends; ask for their opinions, ask for solutions to my stumbling blocks.

My deepest gratitude to the kind souls on the WordPress forums and the staff at WordPress and GoDaddy (my website’s host).


If you are curious about the design of my logo – the 3 circles represents the Mind, Body and Spirit coming together and forming a connection with each other. The 7 colors of red (root – I am), orange (sacral – I feel), yellow (solar plexus – I do), green (heart – I love), blue (throat – I speak), violet (third eye – I see) and magenta (crown – I understand) represents the 7 chakras of the human body.


During the development of the website was my 40th birthday. I see my age as just a number. However, within 2 weeks before my birthday, two friends went to the hospital due to sudden illnesses. One survived her stroke and now is on the road to full recovery. The other was in a coma for several days and additional days in the ICU (intensive care unit). She is also on the road to recovery.

Life is fragile. Life is short. Make it meaningful and FULL.

This reminded me of the seed which was planted in me years ago by the death of my father at the age of 64. He was young and did not get to live and enjoy a full life. He did an excellent job providing for the family but since his death I wondered if he was truly happy. When he passed away, I was in the midst of leaving my second job in structural engineering and trying to become a floral designer. No one understood why I would leave engineering. At that point, 4 years into my career I was already looking for my door to retirement. I did not know how many years I could stay in engineering, I just knew that I would never retire as one.

Now I have put my certificates and diploma away in storage – all I want is to help others see the world from a different perspective. Empower them through travel and spirituality. I would be honored to have this pleasure through Spiritual Radiance Tours.

7 thoughts on “The Launch :- Spiritual Radiance Tours

  1. meaningful logo Karen…life is too short..everything keeps on changing, in fact everything is impermanence, present moment is the most important moment and we should always follow our dream which gives us satisfaction…nice post..thanks for sharing

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