Women’s Day 2015

When will each person on this planet be seen as who they truly are – an individual, a human being!?

Equal opportunity. Equal pay. Mutual respect.

Not separated as Man vs. Woman.

Not divided by the skin color or religious belief.

As a solo female traveler to over 50 countries in the world, I have seen my fair share of discrimination and experienced harassment – unfortunately. Not one country is perfect. It might be impossible to be perfect but I hope to see REAL change within this lifetime.


Time for equality on Womens Day

Girls waiting for their father outside a mosque in Trabzon, Turkey

I took this photo in Trabzon, a prosperous city on the coast of the Black Sea in Turkey. This mosque is one of the few that I saw with a separate building for women. Actually this specific mosque featured a small, simple rectangular building which housed the toilet facilities and the women’s prayer room. I do not know the real reason why this mosque did not accommodate women in a partitioned area, like many of the other mosques which I have visited in Turkey.

What irked me the most was that the women’s room was simply decorated, old, drab and poorly lite and right beside the facilities. While the main mosque for the men was lite up with beautiful chandeliers and covered with a lush carpet.

Please note, I’m not trying to pick on the religion of Islam. As it seems that just about each religion separates or diminishes women in one way or another.

Some Buddhist temples does not permit women to enter to pray or make offerings, during their moon time (menstrual period). While Orthodox Jewish women has to wear a wig or a head wrap to cover their natural hair, much like the hijab worn by Muslim woman when in public. It wasn’t until October 2013, did Antje Jackelén become the first female Archbishop – EVER. Followed by Libby Lane in December 2014, who became the first female Bishop.

I am not a religious person, just spiritual. I do respect those who chose to be religious and their religious practices. I make the sign of the cross when I enter a church. I cover my hair, shoulders and knees when I enter a mosque. I offer incense when I enter a temple or a monastery with covered shoulders and knees.

I know this is a touchy subject to talk about. However, I think on Women’s Day, this deserves some air time. Many societal practices and beliefs stem from religious practices, passed down through generations.

I belief that blind faith can do more harm than good.

Sometimes, it’s good to follow the actions of a 3 year old and ask “WHY?”

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