Single Woman Travels 3.0

Dear Amazing Human Beings,

Thank you for your  Readership.

This blog started on the Tumblr platform in 2012 and then I joined WordPress when I took an 8-month journey to South America and Asia in 2013.

2014 was another fun, sad, exciting and sometimes scary year for me. I pushed myself in ways I didn’t think I could; mentally, physically and emotionally. I started the year by going from zero to 5 days per week of Ashtanga yoga and become certified as a Yoga instructor after a 250 hour course, over a span of 4 months. Then a 6-month journey showed me valuable life lessons in Europe and Middle East.Now in 2015, I’m facing up to the unknown future in a different way. I am setting intentions and manifesting things that frightens me. I have a fear of success but really why do I not want to succeed in life – especially if I can help other people?!? It’s pretty clear to me, my friends and my family that I have turned my back on structural engineering. I really want to do something with Travel, in Travel.

SWT - Blue sky Blue water Airplane engine

Going forward…

I’m revamping this blog into a proper website, with some pay-per-click advertisements. Also, this woman wants to start making some cash while traveling.

Offering private and mini sized group tours that will represent the essence of this blog and my ever evolving travel style.

Exploring. Spiritual based. Fun. Fulfilling. Connecting.

Offering my photographs up for sale so you can enjoy them in the comfort of your own home or office or as a gift.

In April of 2015, I will be in Hong Kong and Philippines, so if anyone want to be my first travel tour clients in either of those countries or surrounding area, please feel free to contact me and we can talk more. Special discounts will be offered!!

Please bear with me while I go behind the scenes and focus on the planning and implementation. In the meantime I will offer up some past post from the Tumblr site and a smattering of new posts. I will not be far away, always around to answer your questions.

Be Well and Happy Travels!


10 thoughts on “Single Woman Travels 3.0

  1. Friend! You never cease to amaze and inspire me with your courage and fiery spirit! The universe embraces women like you who DO the things others wish to do… Continue to inspire and positive energy on your journeys!! ❤

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