Spiritual Saturday :- Signs

What’s a sign? What’s in a sign?

To me many things are signs from the Universe. Road signs and proper signage are too literal. Though when I think I’m lost – wandering, seeking and at the exact moment when I look up and see a sign, an indication I am on track – that provides not only reassurance, it also provides a boost to my confidence, adding fuel to a waning storage of energy and perhaps confidence. A reminder that I’m on track, on the path.

The path in life may not necessarily be the shortest path between 2 points. It maybe extremely long – feel like I’m completely lost and off track at times. However, I have been told and sometimes reminded that there is no wrong path. I may perhaps learn more lessons on a longer and a more meandering path but I will gain what I need to gain.

If something is meant to be, it will be. Life is not about what I want. It’s about what I need. It’s a tough lesson to learn and remember but it is true.

What constitutes as a sign for me?

Numbers, specifically numbers which are significant or interesting for me. For example, combinations of 3s or 8s. Numbers that repeat or in sequence. The reason for 3s is because my birth date is March 3rd, so the number 3 or multiples of 3s has always been of significance for me.

For many Chinese people or people of Chinese decent, 8 is a significant number as the pronunciation of it in either Cantonese or Mandarin, is similar to the pronunciation of growth, prosperity or abundance. Notice the phone numbers of Chinese businesses or vehicle licence plates will contain 8s.

Lately, people talk about seeing 11:11 12:21 etc. If I’m engrossed in something and take a break and end up catching a significant nunber sequence, I tend come back to the present and become more aware at that instance.

So while I’m on this current journey, when I see my numbers on an address, train number, credit card authorization code, booking confirmation – I take it as a little nudge from the Universe for me to say “All is well, keep going

What constitutes as a sign for you? Has something minute, or odd been catching your attention?

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