Thoughts after 500 posts…

Good Saturday Morning from Paris, France!!

Looking at my WordPress Dashboard, it’s reminding me today it will be posting my 500th post.Sculpture of Madame Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux en toilette de mariee by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux found in Petit Palais Paris France

I migrated my Single Woman Travels! site from Tumblr to WordPress back in November 2013. It’s been quite the journey because I traveled for 8 months in 2013 and now I’m in the middle of a 6 months pilgrimage/journey in Europe.

I have been very fortunate to have found this outlet to share my images and thoughts with you.

Thank you for your time, attention and acknowledgement of my thoughts and ideas.

Granted there is plenty more I wished to have shared with you, I do not want to overwhelm you with every tidbit of information or images that intrigue me.

This morning as I wake up in my travel friends’ apartment in the middle of Paris, France – I am reminded that I have been very lucky. If it wasn’t for these Parisian friends that I had met in Banff, Canada – I would not have been able to extend my stay in Paris.

I have been blessed with the abundance of friendship, kindness, time and solitude – in life and in my travels.


Letting go of what is dyingThe lesson of Letting Go has been relentless lately. It has always been difficult for me to Let Go. Deep down I am a sensitive and emotional person – I form attachments and sentiments very easily. Yet no one could really understand or believe that because they only see me flittering around the world – especially in recent years.

Letting Go of a steady, hectic engineering career/job was very trying and difficult. It took me 3 different attempts over a span of 12 years.

Letting Go of perceived notions and my cumulative belief system which was built upon the societal values, family values and day-to-day views over the past 39 years is incredibly hard.

Letting Go of the people and the formed relationships that taught me countless life lessons. Reading a post this morning about meeting the right person at the wrong time struck a chord with me – as it happened to me again, recently in Hamburg, Germany.


Since June 2014, I started to implement a posting schedule with various headings – in addition to the daily quotes.

Macro Monday

Travel Tuesday (alternate week)

Wordless Wednesday

Travel Thought Thursday (alternate week)

Fruit or Food Friday

Spiritual Saturday (alternate week)

Scenery Sunday

It’s been lots of fun to share what I have seen and experienced with all of you. I enjoy reliving the experience as I choose images and thoughts to share. However, it can be a bit draining and tiring at times as I have to carve out time to create the posts. And for some unknown reason, it takes me hours to put together the images and write the little bit that I do write. When I get down to writing, I am torn at times as I want to go out and explore but then my mind would say… ‘I should be posting, else there will be nothing for today.’

So this morning, I have decided I will take a bit of a hiatus in September, for about a month.

There will not be daily quotes for September, though I will repost quotes I see and resonate with on my Single Woman Travels Facebook page.

I will share some backlogged photos for Macro Monday and Wordless Wednesday.

I hope you will understand and remember to visit this blog.

Thank you for traveling with me and keeping me company!!

Mosaic of Esperance - Hope

In Hope


* Images seen in this post were taken on my recent visit to the Petit Palais in Paris, France. They are part of the permanent collection of artworks on display to the general public – admission is free.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts after 500 posts…

  1. Enjoy yourself and live without the ‘post’ hanging over your head. Your personal experience is more important than what you share with us anyway. I’ve had to remember this in relation to being focused on taking pictures instead of enjoying my time. Yes, including in Paris!


  2. Hey, don’t worry about it, we will still be here πŸ™‚ I guess it’s also part of disconnecting from technology (we are so bombarded by it 24/7) for a while and enjoying your travels instead. Take care.


    • Very true Kat! I’ve definitely formed an attachment to social networks and technology. Funny thing last night my laptop was acting up when I was working on today’s post. So I gave up. Then this morning there was no electricity in the whole apartment. I think the Universe really want me to take it easy… haha
      Thanks for always reading my posts! Cheers! πŸ™‚


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