Spiritual Saturday :- Totem Animals

Ever cross path with an animal or an insect – unexpectedly?! So much so, they startle you and stops you in your tracks??

Be it a spider, ant, frog, dragonfly, chicken, bat, goats.

I don’t mean the animals you see when you go to a zoo or pet store. I mean the animals that you encounter while minding your own business. Like a butterfly that suddenly catches your attention while you are on your daily run. That neighbor’s pet turtle which never leaves their house but suddenly is walking across your path outside.

Well recently, it keeps occurring to me. Animals capture my attention in unexpected locations at unexpected time of day. I jot down the encounters and when I get on the interweb I google them and see what they symbolize as an animal totem. Often times, the meaning as provided are immediate reminders of emotions or thoughts I have been avoiding or unaware of or have not considered. Synchronicity is at play and the Universe makes it hard to ignore.

I was first introduced to animal totems by a couple of friends who are into esoterics. One is a North American First Nation shaman and the other is an office manager by day and artist/writer by night.

For me, I am a city girl so sometimes I react like a little child when I encounter wildlife. Animals, insects and nature reminds me to take a moment, come into the present and be aware of what the Universe has placed in front of me.

One fine day in Olympos, Turkey my attention was captured by several ducks, frogs, lizard and a chicken. The chicken usually roamed the area occupied by the various bungalows of the compound and never step foot in the restaurant area. Well, I was minding my own business backing up my photos onto my laptop when I see out of the corner of my eyes a flapping of wings. I looked up and saw the chicken has flown onto the picnic table in front of me. Odd I thought. That night I mentioned the incident to my dorm mate and she said for the whole month she has been living here to write her Master’s paper, she has never seen or heard of the chicken exhibiting such behaviour. The restaurant staff quickly chased the chicken away.

Totem animal - Chicken - picnic table - symbol

Unexpected visit by a Chicken which caught my attention while I worked on my blog

When I looked up the totem animal meanings for the chicken, frog, lizard and duck – all points to inner emotions and intuition. Two things that I have blocked and ignored. Time for me to wake up and open up.

Last night, on my walk home after celebrating the Swiss National Day with my friend and her family in a small village in Switzerland… Our paths crossed with a hedgehog. I could have stayed there all night, checking out this cute little wild hedgehog. When I arrived home, I looked up the hedgehog as an animal totem. This is the key message as given by a trusted webpage.

No matter what is happening in your life right now make sure you focus on the joy that surrounds you. Living for joy will create a happier reality. ~ Hedgehog

If Hedgehog has crossed your path;

You are being reminded that even if you feel that others do not understand you or “get” what you are doing – it is no excuse to curl up and hide. Sure you may need a little bit of space right now but the world needs your gifts and it’s time to start sharing them again. Be yourself, and don’t take things so personally when those around you cannot see what your intentions are or misunderstand your words. Their capacity for understanding usually comes from their own reality and where they are at themselves.

Totem animal - hedgehog - Switzerland - Ecublens

Totem animal – Hedgehog

Recently I have lost focus and felt misunderstood. Partially because of a man I met in Hamburg whom I’ve lost contact with but wish that we were still in touch. I am grateful the Universe has given me this gentle nudge as a reminder that it’s okay to be an individual. That I will not see eye to eye with everyone that cross my path – even the ones which I thought had made a special connection with me.

If you think the Universe have been trying to get a message to you through animals, have some fun, keep an open mind and see what the message is that’s trying to be communicated to you.Thought keep in mind that there is a difference between an animal that is just crossing your path to pass you a message versus your animal totem. Your animal totem stays with you as a guide for a period of time. An animal with a message is applicable for that moment in time or for a certain circumstance that you are in the midst of.

Here’s a few webpages that I like to look up when I have been nudged.

Spirit Animals is a great website for clear and easy to understand explainations. There is even an animal totem generator which is like pulling a card for yourself.

Lin’s domain offer a concise thought to reflect upon.

Psychic Library offer a guided meditation to help you find your current animal totem. (Animal totems change as you change and shift, so don’t be surprised if you get a different animal tomorrow or next week or next year).

In printed form, Animal Speak by Ted Andrews is the go to guide!!


One thought on “Spiritual Saturday :- Totem Animals

  1. i have started to pay attention to this too…in the last couple of months i’ve seen a rabbit and mouse in places i’ve walked every day for years. so random it cannot be ignored!! aleya


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