Travel Tuesday :- Solo Travel

Today I live in a society where the use of labels has become prolific. Every minute of every day, each action each person is given a label and grouped together. Individualism is frowned upon. Some people are detered from pushing the envelope.

Travel – local or abroad – is also known as many other words. Escape. Vacation. Break. Holiday. Journey. Pilgrimage. Tour.

Most people in the world when they travel they prefer to travel with a companion or in groups. Preferably an existing repoire has been established.

However, some times the coordination required prior to travel with others can be thwarted with challenges. Many people delay their desire to travel due to one or more than one of these reasons with their intended travel partner(s). Conflicting work schedules. Insufficient funds. Conflicting travel budgets. Unable to agree on destination. Unable to obtain permission from work. Conflicting reasons for travel. Conflicting travel style.

I have personally experienced these challenges when planning to travel with boyfriends in the past. No one is safe from these reasons.

Unless solo travel is considered.

Solo Travel opens many doors not possible to couple or group travels. The amount of freedom is endless. No need for compromises. A time for selfishness and “Do as you please” attitude.

Let’s consider some Pros and Cons with some societal labels.


Introverts – I am an introvert. Solo travel provide control over solitude. I can be as anti-social as possible. I can choose to interact with locals or fellow travelers if I choose to. No peer pressure to contend with, just self-pressure if I choose to impose any.

Extroverts – Socialization can be maximized with any and all groups of people that one can encounter. Social butterfly to the max! Do not have to worry your travel partner may not find your new acquaintances interesting. Making new friends is a breeze when solo!

Givers – When you encounter another person in need, you can interrupt your travel plan and give as much of your time and money and energy, as you see fit. No compromise required. No guilt.

Takers – Fellow travelers and locals – coupled or single – are more than happy to help solo travelers. Watch the luggage as I go to the toilet. Help with orientation with a map. Carry luggage up a long flight of stairs in the subway. Help is never too far away.


Introverts – Shy and introverted may dampen the chances of meeting new people. Extra courage and bravery may be required to break out of the shell.

Extroverts – Too many invites and difficult to make a decision of who to hang out with. An overwhelming experience can become a lesson to focus and seek out more meaningful connections.

Givers – Due to potentially too many opportunities to give, this may be a draining experience. However, one can spin this into a learning opportunity to set boundaries and preservation of energy.

Takers – Despite the fact that these new friends and acquaintances may not cross paths again after the initial meeting. However, it is good karma to bring balance into your life by giving and receiving.

There is the flip side to everything in life. It is just a matter of exploration and experiment. A change in perspective can be eye opening.

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