Spiritual Saturday :- Tibetan Buddhism in Hamburg

It’s 3 am and I’m having a rare late night outing. I’ve traveled to Hamburg, Germany to visit a friend I met while traveling through Penang, Malaysia. The one-way flight from Antalya, Turkey cost me only 50€.

Walking through the neighborhood of St. Pauli – throngs of people with drinks and cigarettes enjoy the Friday night with their friends and new acquaintances. I am no different. As we walked from one bar to another I look up and see prayer flags fluttering in the late night breeze.

Om Mani Padme Hung


Fast forward 8 hours later, after breakfast my friend and I decide to walk to a park for a nap. I look up and see the same strings of prayer flags from the night before. Turn the corner and I see a Buddhist statue through a window. I wonder if this is a temple of some sort.


I see a woman siting in the sun, on the patio of the building complex. My curious mind asks curious questions.

I have stumbled upon the Buddhist Centre of Hamburg. Lay Buddhists lives here as a community to support each other and other Buddhists visiting in Hamburg. They offer guided meditation every evening in German.


Friendly lay Buddhist gives tour of Buddhist Centre in Hamburg


Meditation room inside the centre


My friend comments a sense of calmness inside the meditation room.

I believe synchronicity is at play. In life,  the Universe provide what we need at that moment which may not be what we want but definitely what we need.

I’ll take this as a sign that I need some meditation in my life now.


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