Spiritual Saturday :- Overcoming the Fear of Water Pt. 2

Over the past 10 years I’ve come to believe and realize that life moves in the form of a spiral. Sometime moving upward / forward. Sometimes moving downward / backward. Sometimes moving just sideways. It never stands still, even though it might seem that way.

The spiral may be tight and intense. The spiral may be easy and fluid. Life lessons pop up along the way and until I have comprehended the various aspects of that life lesson, it will keep surfacing in my life, through different interactions, through different experiences and different circumstances.

With my fear of water, it’s been a lifelong thing as mentioned in this post and this other post.

The other night as I was speaking to my roommate, our conversation progressively steered towards esoteric topics. I mentioned that I don’t talk about Reiki, energy medicine, past lives and those type of thoughts and ideas with acquaintances or friends. I tend to test the waters during conversations and either drop the topic or deepen the discussion depending on their responses. Hence, this is a challenging post to write here.

Peer through the light and discover the possibilities

Peer through the light and discover the possibilities

This night, with this American traveler, we resonated towards similar vibrations and ideas. The topics got more and more interesting. Shamanic healing. Crystal therapies. Healing retreats. We both have extended our stay in Olympos due to unclear reasons. We just simply feel drawn to stay longer. Perhaps we have lived here in another lifetime. Perhaps there are unresolved past life matters. Perhaps.

When I was in Rhodes island, Greece – I felt a certain familiarity. When I asked my Higher (Inner) Self some questions, it appears that I have spent 13 different lifetimes in Rhodes. Each time I walked through the streets of the Old Town, I would feel a certain connection.


Before arriving in Olympos fellow travelers in Fethiye mentioned the beautiful Olympos beach, yet I did not have an urge to see it for myself. That night during our conversation,  I admitted to my roommate that I did not visit the beach nor the ruins as intended the night prior. Then I blurted out, “Maybe I’m avoiding the beach.”

At that exact moment, as those 5 words left my mouth – we BOTH got goosebumps and shivers.

My mind went a bit crazy. Thought of my fear of water. Images of hoards of people. I was surrounded. Punishment. Fear. Death.

“What if I was drowned to death at this beach in a past life??”, said I.

Another wave of chills from my left shoulder to the top of my neck. She felt her own wave of chills.

My eyes bulge a bit in wonder and in surprise. My mind spins a bit faster. The cells in my body vibrate a bit faster. I drink a gulp of water.


That night as I got ready for bed, I made a decision. I HAVE to resolve this. Whether or not I have been here in a past life. Whether or not I died in these Mediterranean waters. If these are potentially true, I need to resolve these so I do not have to come back in another lifetime – perpetuate the Spiral.


At the crack of dawn I woke up, bleary eyed. I fumbled in the dark, got ready and took myself to the beach. I let the ruins of Ancient Olympos distract me and my thoughts. I meandered. I explored. I doddled. 2 dogs showed up and escorted me to the beach.

Four legged escorts to Olympos beach

Four legged escorts to Olympos beach

One of the dogs stayed by my side, led me to the beach, picked a spot and sat me down. We both looked out at the Mediterranean Sea. I let my subconscious process the experience. When the moment was appropriate, I slowly walked into the sea until I was waist deep. Gentle waves lapped up to me.

I allow myself to float on my back and drift in the water. Allow trust to slowly rebuild. My muscles relax a bit more.


It is becoming more and more clear that my journeys to different corners of the world are not just simple exploration of the world. Each are multi-layered with reasons my conscious is not fully aware. My subconscious and my spirit guides, on the other hand, are loving the journey, the experiences. Sometimes both my conscious and my subconscious arrive together and share the moment.

Intuitive travels. Past life resolutions. Honoring my travel urges to unexpected locations have served me well.

Some locations are perhaps known historically for religion, spirituality or energetics. Machu Picchu. Varanasi. Great Pyramids. Jokhang Temple. Borobudur. Lumbini. Bhutan. Cape of Good Hope. Antarctica. Initially I visited these locations under touristics impressions. In hindsight, as the veil gets thinner, I believe I visited them for personal reasons that I was not aware of consciously at that moment.

This Universe is simple and complex at the same time. The inclusion of these thoughts and ideas keep my mind and my life open to synchronicities and possibilities. Fun. Interesting.

Why not.


5 thoughts on “Spiritual Saturday :- Overcoming the Fear of Water Pt. 2

  1. I loved the spiral analogy.
    And in recent days i listen to my subconscious and love listening to what that flows from inside out.
    I never tried swimming, but i use to frequently visit water sources like rivers and all. While everyone would be having fun going deeper, i would just stay at the very border. I love water sources like river, ocean and all, but i’m afraid of them.
    I loved reading your experience in overcoming the fear. It inspires me to challenge myself something that i’m afraid of.
    Good post Karen 🙂


    • Yes, ask questions. I remember the first time you told me about your multiple visits to India – I was intrigued. If you have a meditation practice, pose the question then. Else, the next time you have a quiet moment, take a few deep breaths, clear your mind and ask the question. When the word(s) or images arise, make note and keep exploring 🙂


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