Travel Thought Thursday :- Ramazan and Travel Concerns

As I prepared to return to Turkey at the end of June, after my 25 days odyssey in Greece, I realized my return will coincide with the Holy month of Ramazan (Ramadan in Turkish). It is the month of the year where Muslims fast between the hours of sunrise and sunset. No food. No water. Some shops have reduced hours of operations.

What do I do?? Will I survive?? I love food!!! I need food! I drink water like a big Blue whale as described by someone I used to know.


Fresh figs from Fethiye market


Fresh fish at fish market in Fethiye

I sent out emails to all the people I’ve met in Turkey. I asked for opinions on Facebook. I looked on the interweb.

All information told me the answer is dependent on which part of Turkey I will visit. Though many said the honest truth – they have not traveled much within their birth country.

I replied every side of Turkey. I want to see the Kurdish dominant East. The touristic West – Aegean coast. The rarely visited Black Sea Region. Revisit the central Anatolian Region.

I arrived back in Turkey on July 1st and so far due to the sheer number of tourists in Fethiye, food vendors and restaurants are open as usual. I have even seen many locals eat during daytime hours.

When I asked them why they have chosen not to observe Ramazan they said 15 hours without sustenance in this weather (+35C) while working is unbearable. So I’m glad to see there is flexibility.

I always try my best to respect local customs wherever I am so I will see how different life is during Ramazan when I arrive in the East in couple of week.


One thought on “Travel Thought Thursday :- Ramazan and Travel Concerns

  1. Turkey is no different to America or UK being ‘Christian’. How many attend church every week in the UK for instance, an absolute tiny minority. Same here, some fast, some don’t, and the weather has nothing to do with it, that’s just an excuse (unless you are a road worker etc). You just learn to regulate your body and move slower when it is over 40 degrees. Currently we are fasting from 4am until around 8.40 at night, but it’s doable, just depends on attitude and willingness.

    But Fethiye is very cosmopolitan, with a large expat Brit community. You’ll certainly see a difference as you head east…
    Enjoy 🙂


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