Travel Tuesday :- Bus trip from Athens to Delphi

From my research for this day trip or over night journey I was getting mixed messages on forums, websites and face-to-face discussions so I thought I’d make it short and sweet here.

First there are 2 long distanc bus terminals in Athens, don’t go to the wrong one!

Head to the bus station at Liosion 260.


Athens bus station at Liosion 260 to Delphi Greece

From Athens, take the metro to Attiki station on the Red or Green line.

Cost of metro is 1.40 € includes 2 hours of validity, allowing time for transfers.

Discount metro ticket is 0.70 € for students under 25 and seniors 65+

Make sure you validate your ticket before you enter into the paid zone. They have staff who spot checks for proof of payment.

When arrived at Attiki station, exit onto Liosion street. Stand at the bus stop that’s next to the flower stand and overlook the railway (Northbound).

Wait for the bus #11A.

The bus station is at Liosion 260, 3 bus stops after Attiki. Walk back south about 200m. It will look like you have to walk into a small side street to arrive at the bus station.

Walk thru the bus parking lot to the station building.

Head to the ticket counter for Amfissa.

If you purchase a return ticket you will save a few euros. Cost of return journey is 30.20 €


Bus ticket from Athens to Delphi

If you do not know when you will return, that’s okay. The ticket is valid for 1 month.

Here’s the bus times effective June 2014.


Bus times between Athens and Delphi

The WC ( toilet, loo, washroom) cost 0.50 €. The lady collecting the money and dispensing toilet paper will watch your luggage if you’re traveling solo like me.

There’s no WiFi. Though there is a snack bar and small shop.

The bus journey take approximately 2.5 hours.

The bus is at aisle 7 but can be different so stay alert. On the day of my journey it was at aisle 6.


Aisle 7 for Delphi and Amfissa from Athens Greece

Make sure you let the person who’s storing your bag under the bus know that you’re only going to Delphi. Not Amfissa.

There’s a rest stop for food, toilet and leg stretches about 1.5 hours into the journey. Yes you can have your smoke break too.


Fancy place for a 10 minute rest stop

The bus will stop right in front of the Delphi Museum and archeological site. If you’re making a day trip, get off here. Else the bus will drop you off in Delphi town. It’s really close, I was surprised.

I arrived at about 1pm. The hours of the museum and the archeological site is 8 am to 8pm.

Enjoy the beautiful mountain views while you’re here in nature. It’s so nice to be away from the city.

To go back to Athens, if you bought a return ticket with unknown time – when you’ve decided the time, visit the In Delphi restaurant. The servers there are also ticket agents. They will make your seat reservation for you or sell you a ticket to Athens and other destinations.

Remember to stay flexible with travel plans. Allow whatever that needs to happen to happen. There is always the next bus.

Bon voyage!

See this post for why I wrote this.

4 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday :- Bus trip from Athens to Delphi

  1. Even I constantly notice contradictory messages on forums when I research new places – guess it becomes important then to follow couple of people consistently for tips instead of a whole bunch! thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Thank you for this post! It is the best guide for an individual trip to Delphi in the internet and encouraged me (a single man who travels) doing this trip.
    I had a fantastic day in Delphi between snowy mountains, with sunshine and next to no other tourists.
    The bus ticket costs 16,40 Euro now and I was not able to get a return ticket with unknown time. I had to choose a return time and could not save any money. Now the buses have free wifi. The rest stop was not at the fancy place in the picture. We stopped at a restaurant called “lovely place”. 😀


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