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Now that I’m back on the road, curiosity strikes when I meet new people – locals or fellow travelers alike. So I thought it might be interesting to share the questions I get asked and my answers here. If you have a question, feel free and ask away. I will do my best to answer them!

The scenario:

I met a mother and daughter who are from Saskatoon, Canada who are visiting Greece and Turkey for 3 weeks. We met at the Trikala bus station and were headed to Meteora, Greece. The following day we met again on the bus ride up to the famous Megalo Meteoro Monastery. They are on a pilgrimage of sorts.

Megalo Meteoro Monastery, Greece

Megalo Meteoro Monastery, Greece

We met while I was traveling with “Gus”, a fellow traveler from Brazil, to Greece from Turkey. He is in the 8th month of a 2 year journey around the world. We were roommates in my Istanbul hostel, and shared a 6-bed mixed dorm room. After spending 3 laughter filled days together in Istanbul, we agreed to slightly modify our respective travel plans and visit Greece together.


The QUESTION of the Day:

Q posed by Canadian mother – How did you decide it was safe to travel with “Gus”???

SWT’s Answer:

I trust my intuition, judgement and common sense.

In this case, I have had the opportunity to share a room (not a bed) with Gus, so I am familiar with his bedtime and sleeping habits. We had shared several meals and spoke about each other’s travel tendencies. Many travel stories were shared during the day. Lots of laughters, including belly-aching, tears inducing laughter. We learned each other’s sexual orientation and know that there will be no potential awkwardness. He sorta became my immediate gay best friend.

We had developed a comfortable repoire with each other. I guess that was why I thought to visit Greece first and ask Gus if he would be willing to visit Greece prior to Albania, as he intended.

As with most friendships and relationships, it is best to learn as much as possible about each other. No lies. Honesty rules.


5 Main Things to Consider before Picking a Travel Companion

BUDGET – Is there a daily working budget? Will the itinerary have to be modified as costs inflate? Are you willing to go separate ways when differences arise?

FOOD – How compatible are your palates?? Does one have very selective tastes – if so, will you be willing to compromise restaurant selections at every meal (potentially).

TRAVEL STYLE – What are the preferred type of accommodation / transport? If one prefer 5-star hotel when the other prefer rustic, family-run establishments, OR if one will only travel by taxis while the other prefer the experience gained from local public transportation… Life on the road maybe tricky.

GOAL OF JOURNEY – Do you share similar travel goals? IF one only intends to drink and party while the other want to experience the cultural side of the destination – will you hold a grudge on the other, if he/she chooses to do something on their own.

PERSONALITIES – Easy going? Serious? Funny – haha or Funny – silly? Do you share common interests? This might sound like a questionnaire from a dating site but when you want to spend travel time together and potentially experience stressful situations together – these factors are good to consider. Just look at the contestants from The Amazing Race.


I believe each person come into our life for a reason, however long or short. Each millisecond spent together is meant to be. When the encounter is over, the requirement to let go is as important as treasuring the moments together. Be Grateful.

3 thoughts on “Ask SWT! – Travel companions…

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  2. Intuition is good, and I don’t believe one should be stupid but then one can’t live in the fear of the worst all the time either.
    I have once met a couple of Aussie blokes in the middle of the night in Madrid, and then shared the room in a hostel with them like 10 minutes later; Madrid was fully booked, they had a room for 3 and I needed a place to crash in. They were decent blokes, and it was the type of hostel were all doors were open pretty much all the time, so I figured it was alright.
    Those boys went on, and I found a bunk in a dorm the following day. It was a male dorm but I convinced the reception that they wouldn’t mind me there…;). We spent a great weekend together with the guys in the dorm, and then I continued my travels with one of them. Now, 9 years later, he’s my husband.


    • Wow! Thank you for sharing your story! That’s incredible that he’s now your husband too!

      What you said it’s so true – have to find the happy middle between being stupid and fear of the worst. Some risks are necessary. Mistakes happen, just need to learn from them. All of this is part of living life 😉


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