Experience First Flight with Women in their 70’s

This morning my attention was drawn to this video that Vodafone posted on their Firsts.com site.


Overcoming fear is challenging.

Maintaining wonderment is challenging.

Taking things for granted is easy.

Keeping a positive attitude in life can be easy.

I love how these 2 ladies, An and Ria, from the Netherlands are prime examples of 2 opposite spectrum in life. An is afraid to fly. While Ria held herself back in respect to her husband’s fear. However, they both took their first flights together.

Better late, than never.

I cried tears of joy with An. I laughed along when Ria fell down on the beach and laughed happily. Such pure, raw emotions – uncensored, unfiltered – they were just like little kids.

Human experience has come a long way. Intercontinental travel is only a matter of hours, instead of months. Communication is immediate and not reliant on a scroll attached to a bird. It is true we can explore the world with the help of the internet. However, nothing beats a hands-on, personal experience in the actual, physical location.

This video speaks volume in regards to the intention of this blog. Travel. Experience. Give life a chance.

I hope when I am in my 70’s, I would still be riding roller coasters and laughing with pure joy.

3 thoughts on “Experience First Flight with Women in their 70’s

  1. I really enjoyed your post and the video. My aunt turned 85 this spring. Her older sister emigrated to California in the 50s, so every year my aunt travels to the States from Europe. It’s not getting easier for her, but she does it again and again to see her sister. She has been traveling all her life and still thinks about what more she would like to see.


    • Barbara, Thank you for sharing your aunt’s story! That is amazing that she has made such an effort to spend time with her older sister. I hope she can keep making the trip for as long as possible.

      My curious question is how often did the older sister fly back to Europe to visit the family or her younger sister.

      Thanks for visiting my blog! Cheers, Karen


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