How Safe is it to Travel Solo?!!?

So you’re considering spending some time away from your daily routine. However, you are not sure if you are comfortable with the idea of traveling on your own – near or far… now you’re wondering how safe is it to see the world on your own?!

First of all, I’d like to congratulate you on making the decision to see the world – solo!

Regardless, whether you’re just going to another city in your country or a whole different country or continent. It takes courage to travel solo – I am constantly reminded of this aspect by my friends and random strangers. Honestly, I did not know it takes courage or bravery, its almost second nature to me to spend time on my own but it all started as method of survival.

I know it was probably a daunting idea though – traveling alone. Potentially bombarded by thoughts of fear and discomfort from yourself and those around you. There has been countless times when someone find out about my solo travels and their next words were… “Are you not afraid?? Don’t you get scared?? What if something happens to you??” Heck, even my own mother does not agree with my travel style.

We are all human. We can be easily swayed. Words are powerful. Sometimes, I give too much significance to the words spoken by my mom, then I become scared and hesitant – I stop short. I will never find out what could have happened – Positive or Negative, Constructive or Destructive. I could have missed out on a life lesson. Actually, the choice to let my mom’s fear overpower me was a life lesson in itself.

Coulda. Woulda. Shoulda.

What if!?!

These are words I try my hardest to avoid in life.

Unfortunately, Society paints a pretty bleak picture when it comes to doing anything – alone. The judgements. The stereotypes. You know what I am talking about – so I don’t want to painfully write them out.

Heck, the media and daily news reports does not help either; anything from robberies to uprisings to natural disasters. However, everyone needs to be reminded that this is life as we know it – around the world. Things happen and they are not ALL bad. Robberies does not happen on every street, every minute in every country.

Sometimes I think the fears that are projected from those around me are more frightening than the fears I hold inside of me.


Take a deep breath.


Last week I went to a neighborhood in Toronto that I have never been before – I have to admit, it was a bit unnerving. It has a slight reputation of being “rough around the edges”. It has a higher crime rate than the neighborhoods I am used to. As Toronto is a city of multiculturalism, I noticed in this part of town, there are quite a few different mother-tongues spoken in the various local businesses. I don’t know the streets, nor the people there. I was in a strange land!

It is no different when I am in a different country or city. All these feelings of uncertainty floated to the surface – even though I had not left Toronto, my city for the past 16 years. These are the same feelings that I deal with whenever I arrive in a new place – as a single woman, alone.

On the same page though, there’s this fluttering of excitement – just like walking into a new restaurant and seeing their menu for the first time. My curiosity. The desire to explore. Try new things. I am completely focused on the present and enjoying the moment.


What I believe in – is the Law of Attraction and that I manifest what I focus on.

By this I mean – if all I do is worry about getting lost while traveling on my own, meeting horrible people, be scammed out of my money then it will not be surprising when all that I worry about come true.

When I am engrossed in the negative thoughts, I am not in the present moment. I am not aware of my surroundings. My vibration will attract those who has those intentions – it’s like a homing signal for them.

Likewise – if all I do is Think positive, Speak positive, Stay positive, Be open and Allow life to unfold naturally. I am in the present moment. I will be relaxed and friendly. The Universe will look out for my best interest and help me along the way.


Breathe. Smile.


By all means, do as much or as little research of your intended destination. Be conscious. Be aware. Be educated. However, do not become attached or engulfed in what you read. For instance, while researching for an accommodation, the interweb will have countless feedback and reviews to offer. However, we are not all built the same, no two people will have the exact same experience, we all have different needs and wants. Trust your own intuition. Even if 100 people gave glowing reviews to a place and it does not feel right to you when you arrive – find another place.

All of this is what I have gathered along the way, around the world while visiting over 40 countries on 7 continents.

The decision to travel alone is the first step. What follows as I head to the airport or bus station with my luggage, is in the hands of a higher power. All is possible. I could meet the most interesting person while standing in line waiting to check-in and decide to travel together for 5 days – OR – I could be a worry wart and be uptight the whole time because of all the burdening thoughts in my mind. The choice is mine.

Oh yeah – it is very safe to travel solo 😉

Here is a powerful Rama mantra to help dig up and neutralize negative karma.

Om Ram Ramaya Swaha


5 thoughts on “How Safe is it to Travel Solo?!!?

  1. Great post! I often find myself traveling alone and although it is something I truly love, friends and family always warn me about the dangers out there. I know they care about me but I don’t place those fears upon myself when many of them don’t know what it’s like to go out there and explore. Thank you for sharing 🙂


    • Thank you for your compliment! That is great you think that way 🙂 I forgot to mention that the core and foundation of the words of warning from friends and family’s words of warning, is love and kindness. Not intended to cause fear and worry. Thank you for reading =D


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