I have a dream…

When traveling, sometimes I keep quiet and observe – people watch. Sometimes I want to participate and interact. Sometimes I want to communicate; listen and be heard.

From traveling I have met a diverse bunch of human beings. Not all of them are fellow travelers. Some are locals who have never been on a long distance bus, train or airplane – never left the town they were born in. Their background varies. Their age varies. Some inspires me. Some humbles me. Some makes me look at life from a different angle. Some distracts me and makes me stop thinking.

Regardless of the length of time we actually spent together – be it a millisecond or hours or days – I am grateful our paths have crossed.

I dedicate this post to those who are young at heart. To those who keep traveling when others think they should be in a rocking chair. To those who keep exploring this great planet of ours. Whether they are in their 60’s, 70’s or 80’s – I hope I will be as fortunate as they are right now – healthy, active, adventurous, financially independent, happy.

Senior female Antarctica traveler

Eleanor is in her 70’s, lives in the UK and our paths crossed on our 18-day journey to Antarctica. She’s been to the North and South Pole multiple times.journey to the Antarctic

Senior male Antarctica traveler

Chris is in his 80’s and lives in USA. We met on our 18-day journey to the Antarctic

My fellow Inca trail hiking partner at the tender age of 70

My fellow Inca trail hiking partner at the tender age of 70

I dream of traveling until the very end.


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