Why is it that we humans have a tendency to avoid what’s challenging, painful and harsh – despite the possibility of coming out stronger after the challenge?

It’s the middle of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Toronto is finally enjoying a couple days of warmth, after experiencing a few days of extreme cold – all because of the Polar vortex. Daytime highs were -16C (+3F) and nighttime lows were -22C (-8F).

For as long as I can remember, travel companies heavily advertizes Winter getaways to warmer weather, starting in the Fall. Creating dreams of fun under the sun, frolicking on the beach with sand between the toes. The of course, the students in colleges and universities dream of their Spring Break or Reading week getaways.

Why is escapism becoming the norm? How have we as a society allowed corporations to profit from our desire to look the other way?

I am not saying that I am superior for toughing out the cold. Perhaps my disinterest of submitting myself to extreme temperature difference is what’s really holding me back from a Winter getaway. Considering a friend of mine who reside in Winnipeg with family in Asia, recently experienced a temperature difference of 54 degrees upon her return to Canada. She had left Asia while it was in the low +31C (+88F) and she returned to Winnipeg it was -24C (-12F). To me that is a shock to a body and perhaps would create a higher dis-like to the winter weather.

In parallel to this thought, I admit, I escape from exploring uncomfortable emotions. I avoid teasing out issues, in hopes of resolving issues that’s buried deep.


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