My Travel Style… Varies!

To each their Own” is a favourite saying of mine.

Some days I enjoy researching the destination. Some days I enjoy planning and booking the logistics. Other days I don’t want to do anything and just sign up with a low hassle tour group with an itinerary I love. Many other days, I wander the streets of a new place without a map, blend in with the locals even when I don’t speak their language – it’s easy, just smile and nod (the address of my local home in their language in my pocket!).

For me, Home is where the heart is.
Home is where I am that day; physically, mentally, emotionally.

On my first ever airplane ride, I cried and didn’t know how to adjust to the changing air pressure – I was 8 months old. I would like to take this opportunity to officially apologize to all those passengers on that important flight. Since then I’ve become a professional ear popper! (There was a bit of difficulty while scuba diving tho.) However I’m still having trouble staying asleep in a seated position after countless long haul flights.

Only on my last 2 flights have I started using an inflatable travel pillow. They do help a little but I still try to get 2 of the little airplane pillows from the flight attendants – when available!

Random memories:

1 weekend, I jumped at the chance to see Madonna Live in Madison Square Gardens, NYC – leaving my then boyfriend back in Toronto and shopped until I dropped at Woodbury Common, the outlet mall.

1 week, I rented my own Parisian studio apartment with no plans but to wander its streets and got lost countless times while attempting to improve my ability to speak French, the beautiful language of love.

2 weeks, I spent traveling with 3 friends from Toronto to 5 different European countries during the 2006 World Cup.

4 weeks, 2 tour groups, I experienced the aftermath of bombs in a market in Delhi, protests in Kathmandu, sealed borders in Tibet which delayed our entry by 2 days and then visited my friend in Dubai.

4 days, I spent driving across the Canadian prairies from Winnipeg to Vancouver with my mom and brother.

2 days, I took a Greyhound bus with my mom from Winnipeg to Toronto.

1 weekend, I slept on a boat docked in the San Francisco harbor with my then boyfriend.

5 days, I lived on a boat with 14 others, hopping on and off the beautiful Galapagos islands and swam with penguins and seals.

1 week, I stayed at a Nepali yoga-meditation retreat – ended up defecting with 2 other guys from Paris with our own daily Ashtanga practice and day trip to Patan.

6 days, I wandered the streets of Tokyo – loving the dolled up Harajuku gurls before Gwen sang about them.

In the last 6 years, I pre-booked trips 6 months in advance so I have something to look forward to while working the desk job. The name of the next destination would pop into my head on the last day of each trip.


I grew up with a household of extremely loud snorers (I’m the exception!) – so my preference is a private room when I stay in hostels. I don’t mind sharing bathrooms in the hallway with others. I just don’t want to be all flippy floppy at night due to the “excess” noise and be all sleep deprived the next day. It’s not fun, especially while traveling and energy is required to explore an unknown land.

Otherwise, family-run, rustic hotels are my preference. I have stayed in a 4-star hotel a handful of times and definitely would not turn down future opportunities. I just find that there’s a time and place for each type of experience. The staffs in small hotels tend to be friendlier and warmer, same as their clients. The decor would be more unique as well!

Modes of Transportation:

737. 747. 767. Airbus. Float planes. Prop planes. Rick-shaws. Tut tuts. Buses in all their forms. Camels. Horses. Ferries. Trains. Subways. Streetcars. Taxis. Bicycles. Mopeds. Horse drawn carts. I’m sure I’m missing a few others.

If given the opportunity again, I want to relive my experience of riding on the roof of the bus in Nepal.

Time of Year:

Dry season. Spring. Fall. Shoulder season. Dry, cold winter (like Winnipeg) – yes I’m weird like that.

Simply put, I’m not great with heat and humidity – this is why even though I was born in Hong Kong, I can’t really survive there…

What’s your travel style?

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