A treasure in NYC

The 'uniform' and locker key which also keeps track of your tab at Spa Castle NYC

The ‘uniform’ and locker key which also keeps track of your tab.

After a hot, relaxing bath – I fondly thought of my recent visit to Spa Castle in Queens, NY. I heard about this gem prior to my visit from a friend and knew that I MUST spoil myself with a visit during my week stay in NYC.

Let me tell you, if you are anywhere close to its location, you owe it to yourself to spend a few hours if not a full day at this spa! I am definitely glad they did justice in naming this spa, it IS like castle! And I have been to many spas around the world.

If you’re a spa lover like me you definitely have to MAKE time for this place!

I wish I had a whole day to spend here but due to prior commitments, I couldn’t stay longer than the time I could afford. The commute is a bit long from Brooklyn or Manhattan but they offer a free shuttle, from the subway entrance to Flushing – Main St Station.

Spa Castle is modeled after traditional Korean bath houses known as Jjimjilbang.

For a mere $35 on a weekday, you can essentially spend the whole day there! The price include use of lockers (one for shoes and one for everything else), toiletries, towels, a set of t-shirt & shorts (the uniform), wet & dry saunas and the amazing spa pools. They also offer spa services and a well equipped gym facility for extra costs.

A swim-up bar offering a variety of drinks at Spa Castle NYC

A swim-up bar offering a variety of drinks

I didn’t have time to try their food but the buffet stations looks delicious and there’s plenty of variety to choose from. I notice they even offer Starbucks coffee in-house.

Personally I think the separate lockers for shoes was a nice touch, especially when the weather is not so nice outside.

Here are the most important bits – they have 9 different saunas in the co-ed areas and another 5 saunas in the women only area downstairs alongside the locker and change room area. The whole place is kept very clean and tidy. (I’m not sure what is offered in the men only area downstairs.)

The Infrared Zone set to automatic timers so you don't over indulge at Spa Castle NYC

The Infrared Zone set to automatic timers so you don’t over indulge

There are a few different dedicated rest/sleep areas for the people who enjoy naps – me included.

The Sauna Valley at Spa Castle NYC

The Sauna Valley

Beautifully decorated interior space at Spa Castle NYC

Beautifully decorated interior space.

In the Sauna valley, there is a variety of saunas to choose from and each is set to a different temperature. The Himalayan salt room is one of my favorites, blocks of salts covers all the surfaces completely. Another is the Gold sauna with surfaces lined with real gold plates. Ice Land is a cold room for cooling down like a plunge pool. I essentially rubbed the frost built-up on the wall and allow the shavings fall onto my arms and legs.

You can find a few traditional wooden headrest / pillows inside each sauna rooms. Some rooms offer wooden benches. While other rooms have straw mats for you to do your yoga poses or just for a lie down.

Each of the spa pool and sauna have a digital display to indicate the water or air temperature. There are strategically placed jets to massage your sore muscles as you sit or recline in the pools. They even have jets for massaging the bottom of your feet. A simple press of a button turns on the jets for a predetermined amount of time – very energy conscious, environmentally friendly!

Outdoor spa pool with built-in body massage jets at Spa Castle NYC

Outdoor spa pool with built-in body massage jets.

Take care of yourself - Single Woman Travels at Spa Castle NYC

Take care of yourself!!

The day I visited Spa castle, it was about Zero Celsius or 32F outside and it was perfect for testing out the outdoor pools and sauna.

This place is family friendly and you can find people of all ages enjoying a bit of relaxation and self-care, during all hours of the day. I couldn’t believe they opened at 6am and only close at midnight, on the day of my visit.

I just know, the next time I’m in NYC, I will save ONE whole day for this place!! XO

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